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Red Velvet is gaining huge popularity among Korean female fans

Red Velvet released its new song "Rookie" on February 1, 2017, while the girl group's comeback was quite successful because the song ranked high on various music charts.

By the way, before Red Velvet made a comeback, the interest of people in the k-pop industry was whether the girl group can surpass TWICE because the two young girl groups are considered as rivals and TWICE has achieved a huge success in 2016. If you ask me whether Red Velvet succeeded in surpassing TWICE, I would say no because Red Velvet couldn't create a sensation with its new song. You know, TWICE's "Cheer Up" and "TT" were such a sensation.

However, there is a noteworthy thing about Red Velvet. Unlike TWICE, who is very popular among Korean males, the 5-member girl group is now gaining huge popularity among Korean female fans. Before seeing why Red Velvet is so popular among females, let's see the result of a popularity vote of Korean community site first. It is a site for females only, and it has a large membership. The question for the vote was "Who is your favorite female star?"

1. Irene of Red Velvet
2. Kim Taeri (actress)
3. Krystal of f(x)
4. Jun Jihyun (actress)
5. Joy of Red Velvet
6. Kim Hyesoo (actress)
7. Rose of BLACKPINK
8. Seolhyun of AOA
9. Taeyeon of Girls' Generation
10. Seulgi of Red Velvet
11. Sohee (actress)
12. Wendy of Red Velvet
13. Somi of I.O.I & Seo Hyunjin (actress)
15. Park Boyoung (actress)
16. Jisoo of BLACKPINK
17. Yoojung of I.O.I
18. Kyungri of 9Muses
19. Nayeon of TWICE
20. Jung Yoomi (actress)
21. Yoona of Girls' Generation & Jennie of BLACKPINK

So, what do you think about the result of the vote? Yeah, the Red Velvet members ranked very high among the famous Korean stars.

Well, many people think girl groups should gain popularity among male fans. It's true, but it just applies to girl groups of small and medium agencies.

Let's see. K-pop idol groups have 3 main sources of income. First, concert tour & goods. Second, appearance on drama, movie, and CF. And third, performing at various events. Among these, concert tour & goods is the biggest source of income for k-pop agencies and singers, but there are few agencies and singers who can hold exclusive concerts or sell their goods. Only big agencies and very popular idol stars can do it. The same applies to the second one because only popular idols can have a chance to appear on drama, movie, and CF.

Then, what's left? Yeah, a majority of k-pop idols should make money by performing at various events such as college festival, music festival, corporate events, etc. By the way, most of the hosts of the events prefer girl groups who are popular among males because such girl groups receive lots of cheers at the events. That's why most of k-pop agencies try to produce a girl group who can fascinate male fans.

However, girl groups of big agencies like Red Velvet aim higher. They aim to become a girl group who earn lots of money by holding exclusive concerts and appearing on dramas and commercial films. Then, to become such a girl group, what do they have to do? They have to make a lot of loyal fans. By the way, female fans are usually more loyal to their idol stars than male fans, and that's why big k-pop agencies such as SM and YG aim to produce a girl group who can capture female fans' hearts. Yeah, just like Red Velvet and its senior girl groups Girls' Generation and f(x). When producing its girl groups, what SM cares about most is the girl groups' conception and attraction, while SM always targets female fans, not male fans.

So, I can say SM's strategy is quite successful so far because Red Velvet is gaining huge popularity among female fans as planned.

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