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Cheondung doesn't talk about work with Sandara Park at home (Interview)

Q. You released your first ever solo mini album. How do you feel? It's notable that you took part in writing all the 5 tracks of the album.
Cheondung: Of course, I feel a little bit pressured but I'm very excited now. I've been studying songwriting for a long time, and I'm so happy that I got a chance to produce my album on my own.

Q. Where do you get the inspiration for writing your songs?
Cheondung: Everywhere. I get the inspiration when I play with a cat, when I watch movie, and when I have a meal. And when I'm exhausted due to the hard work, I try to fill up my emotion again. I go on a trip with or without my friends, and I sometimes go bowling. Actually, I like to play with my sister Sandra Park but it seems like she has her 4 cats on the brain these days, haha.

Q. Sandara Park appeared in the title track's music video. What did she talk about your solo album?
Cheondung: I know she's very busy and I wanted to do everything on my own. However, she said she could do anything to help me a long time ago, and my company, Mystic Entertainment said it would be great if she appears in the music video. I was very grateful when she readily agreed to do it. She also sent a message of support before the album was released. However, we don't talk much about work at home because home is a place for a rest. And you know, I'm living with her, but she's a big sister to me and we don't worry about each other because we trust each other. 

Q. Is there some reason why you chose "Sign" as the title track? I also wonder if you're intimate with Goo Hara who is featured as a singer in the song.
Cheondung: I think the song is not only good to listen to but also good to dance to. I want to show a gorgeous dance performance through the funky music. And I have no personal acquaintance with Goo Hara. My company is intimate with her company, and people in my company said the song fits her voice well. Frankly speaking, I have few friends among kpop singers. Basick and Giant Pink are featured as rappers in my album but I have no personal acquaintance with them either. 

Q. How about the MBLAQ members? Do you still get in contact with them?
Cheondung: Yes. We're still close. You know, we've been together more than 5 years and we can't become estranged each other in a day. We talk about movies and video games just like ordinary young people. Instead, we don't talk about work. I usually do alone when I write my own songs.

Q. You've been active as a member of MBLAQ for a long time, but you're a solo singer now. Tell me about the pros and cons of being alone.
Cheondung: Well, I have to do everything alone now, but I had to do many things alone when I was a member of MBLAQ. I don't think there is a big change. If there is one good thing about being alone, it is the fact that I can do experimental music. I enjoy challenges, but I couldn't do experimental music when I was a member of MBLAQ because I was worried if it could have a negative effect on the other members.

Q. It seems like many people still regard you just as a member of a boy group which was produced by Rain or as a brother of Sandara Park. Don't you feel bad about it?
Cheondung: No, not at all. It's all true. And I don't hate to be called "a member of Rain's boy group" or "Sandara Park's brother" because I love all of them, the MBLAQ members, Rain and my sister. 

Q. You made a debut as an actor by appearing in your first drama "Make a woman cry" in 2015. Do you have a goal as an actor?
Cheondung: Through the drama, I could learn a lot about acting. Especially, actor Lee Soon Jae taught me a lot of things. I really want to act with him again someday. However, frankly speaking, singing is more important to me, for now. I have a dream as a singer, and I really want to make my dream come true. Acting is not my priority. One of my ultimate goals as a singer is rank high on Billboard chart. I wish I could realize it before I'm 29.

Q. How do you like your new company, Mystic Entertainment?
Cheondung: The head of the company, Yoon Jong Shin is a famous singer songwriter, and he gives all the singers in the company chances to produce their own albums. That's why I love the company. I'm very satisfied now.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your first ever solo mini album?
Cheondung: You know, "Thunder," the title of the album means my name. I gave such a title to the album because I wanted to increase my presence as a solo singer through the album.

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