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T-ara is not thinking about the breakup of the team (Interview)

Q. You make a comeback after a one-year hiatus. How have you been?
Soyeon: We've been active in China and Japan. We missed Korean fans.

Q. It has been 7 years since you debuted. How do you feel?
Eunjung: As we have been through many troubled times with our fans, they're like our family. Through our new album, we want to express our thanks for their great support.

Q. So many other singers release their new albums around the same time as you. Aren't you pressured to get a good result?
Soyeon: Actually, we're not really expecting to rank high on music charts. It is meaningful for us to release our new album in Korea after a long hiatus, and we've been hard at work on the album just because of our fans.
Qri: When we were rookies, we couldn't feel our fans' great love because we were too busy. We'll try to work harder in return for their love.

Q. It's notable that the title track of your new album is a ballad music.
Eunjung: Yeah, we wanted to try something we've never tried. All the other girl groups have sung such a calm song more than once, but we've always released exciting and cheerful songs.
Boram: I've always wanted to sing a ballad song. I love it. And please look forward to our stage performance too.

Q. What is your favorite song among all the songs you’ve released?
Eunjung: It's "Roly Poly." We were loved by everyone at that time. I think we really enjoyed performing the song on the stage. And according to Melon chart, "Roly Poly" was the year’s most popular song.

Q. You know, you've been having a hard time since your bullying problem surfaced in 2012.
Eunjung: Well, after the incident, our fans had to go through a hard time too. We feel so sorry for them. We’ll never forget it to our dying day.

Q. How's your relationship with Hwayoung these days?
Jiyeon: It’s been a long time since the incident occurred. I think she’s doing great now and we'll be able to exchange warm greetings when we'll meet again.

Q. Actually, there still is a public criticism against you.
Eunjung: I think it's better than indifference.
Jiyeon: I became disinterested about it.
Hyomin: In 2012, The London Olympics was held, and the 2016 Olympics was hosted by Rio this year. Watching the 2016 Olympic games, I thought, "Yeah, it's been 4 years since the incident occurred." I think we've been standing up very well.

Q. It seems like many other idol groups these days are disbanded 7 years after their debut due to the period of contracts.
Soyeon: Unlike the idol groups who have been disbanded, the period of our first contract with our agency was shorter than 7 years. And we've already renewed our contract twice. Kim Kwang Soo is our leader, and we usually follow his opinion. We're not thinking about the breakup of our team.
Hyomin: Frankly speaking, I've sometimes been sick of being active as a member of T-ara. However, T-ara is my whole life. I hope we'll be able to be together for a long time.

Q. How's your relationship with each other?
Hyomin: When we just debuted, it's true we've had quarrels just like ordinary sisters. However, it was not that serious, and now we understand each other very well. We don't have a quarrel any more. Even if T-ara will be disbanded some time or other, I want to see the members periodically.

Q. What do you feel when you see young and fresh rookie girl groups?
Soyeon: When I meet young girl groups like GFriend and TWICE, it feels like I'm seeing a celebrity. They're really pretty. But I'm sad because I can't see many of girl groups who debuted around the same time as us any more.

Q. Jiyeon, is your relationship with your boyfriend Lee Dong Gun still going well? And please tell me about your love scandal with Shota Tezuka, Soyeon.
Jiyeon: Yeah, we're dating well. I'm watching his new drama, and I'm always cheering for him.
Soyeon: We're still getting to know each other.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your comeback?
Jiyeon: I just want to make good memories with our fans.
Eunjung: Yeah, like Jiyeon said, we want to make good memories with our fans, and we want to repay them for their great love. They've always been at our side. We thank them more than words can express.

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