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MAMAMOO's Solar says Eric Nam's going to understand her kissing scene in the MV of "Decalcomanie"

On November 17, Mamamoo held a comeback showcase for its 4th mini album "MEMORY" in Seoul. I've been there and could hear the 4 members' thoughts about their new album. They gave journalists a straightforward answer, while their live performance was really great.

Q. How have you been during your hiatus?
Moonbyul: Right after finishing our concert in August, we began to prepare for our comeback. We've been hard at work on the new album.
Solar: I spent time with my family and friends during the hiatus. And I studied song writing too to raise the quality of the album. We took part in writing lyrics for many songs of the album.

Q. Like Solar said, it's notable that all of you took part in writing lyrics for many songs. So, how do you usually write your lyrics?
Moonbyul: I tried to listen to many songs and take notes whenever a good idea occurred to me. I make use of all the sources I get from my everyday life.
Wheein: I get inspiration from my experience. Especially, I love to read poetical works.

Q. It seems like the title track of your new album, "Decalcomanie" is quite different from your previous hits.
Hwasa: Yeah, our previous songs were very bright and cheerful. However, "Decalcomanie" is an alluring music. I think we'll be able to show off our assertive and sexy charm through the song.
Moonbyul: At first, we felt a little bit awkward about the song, but we're very satisfied with the song now. Please look forward to our live performance.
Solar: The song is different from our previous songs, but we'll enjoy ourselves on stage just like we've done before.
Wheein: People know we're humorous and free-spirited. However, we wanted to show new aspects of ourselves this time.

Q. You said you're going to show your sexy charm through "Decalcomanie." Then, who do you think is the sexiest among you four?
Moonbyul: Wheein is the sexiest.
Solar: I think Hwasa is the sexiest. The conception of the album suits her perfectly.
Wheein: It's Hwasa. She has a fatal charm.
Hwasa: Yeah, it's me. But I think all the members did really great.

Q. Solar, there is your kissing scene in in the music video of "Decalcomanie." How was it? And don't you think Eric Nam's going to be angry about it?
Solar: I just pretended to kiss, but I felt shy at that time. I think Eric Nam's going to understand me because it's my work.

Q. It's notable that a total of 8 tracks are included in your new album even though it is a mini album.
Hwasa: Well, we wanted to show that we fill our album with many high quality songs even if it is a mini album. It's true we feel pressured to get a good result, but I believe that many people will like our album because we put so much effort into the album.

Q. What's your goal?
Solar: We want to attend various end-of-year music awards, and we also want to win No.1 trophies of many kpop chart shows. And our long-term goal is to be a great group who sing songs which are loved by many people for a long time.

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