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EXO D.O doesn't have much dating experience (Interview)

Q. What made you decide to appear in your new movie "Brother"?
D.O: I was stuck on my character. Even though I was worried about playing the sight-disabled character, I tried to do my best. I took part in an experience program too. And I think I could show new aspects of myself by playing the character. Unlike my previous characters who usually were gloomy and had a wounded heart, he becomes very cheerful after mending his broken heart.

Q. What kind of roles do you want to play as an actor?
D.O: Maybe I can take a shot at a melodramatic role someday, but for now, I want to play a very serious-minded character. And as many people think I'm a calm boy, I want to play a character who is completely different from it. I can play a comic character too, and I hope I will play a horrible character some time or other.

Q. What is the attraction of acting?
D.O: Acting has a great attraction for me. In real life, I don't usually get very angry or give myself over to grief. However, I can express all the emotions as an actor, and I get vicarious satisfaction from acting. And when audiences feel empathy for my character, I go into ecstasy. That's why I try to perform on the stage as a member of EXO and be active as an actor at the same time.

Q. Do you think your acting is developing?
D.O: "Brother" is my third movie, and I think I'm getting better. When I filmed my first movie "Cart," I didn't know anything and I was so nervous. I know a little more about movie now, and I feel comfortable when I film my movie. Of course, acting is still very difficult, but I'm satisfied with what I'm doing now. I'll keep trying my best.

Q. People say you're really good at acting even though it hasn't been long since you began to act.
D.O: Well, I don't know what to do now. I think it just means I didn't cause any troubles to my movies. I'm just trying to enjoy acting.

Q. You're a singer as well as an actor. What if your schedule as an actor conflicts with EXO's schedule?
D.O: I'll sing, of course. I know what happens if we perform on the stage without one of us. I'll never cause damage to the other members.

Q. In "Brother," you talk about dating with actor Cho Jung Suk. Tell me about your own experiences of love.
D.O: I don't have much experience of love. I've dated a girl when I was a student, but I even didn't know what love is. Actually, I still don't know love. I think I'm experiencing and learning love indirectly through my movies, and I'll be able to become skillful in dating someday.

Q. EXO-CBX has recently released their debut album. Don't you want to be active as a member of EXO's another sub unit?
D.O: I love their song. And I want to take part in a project for another sub unit if there is a chance.

Q. What's your goal?
D.O: I know chasing two hares at once is difficult, but I'll try to do my best to live up to people's expectation. I hope I will be able to show a great performance not only as a singer but also as an actor.

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