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Will EXO-CBX be able to be as successful as Girls' Generation TTS?

Popular kpop idol group EXO's first ever sub unit EXO-CBX is going to make its debut. The team, comprised of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin will release its first mini album "Hey Mama!" on October 31, while it is expected that the talented idol stars will bring a new sensation to the kpop world.

By the way, it is notable that the combination of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin reminds of that of Girls' Generation TTS' three members. Just like Girls' Generation TTS, EXO-CBX is composed of three best vocalists of the original team(D.O is a great singer but he's focusing on his activities as an actor), which means you can expect that the EXO-CBX members will show off their outstanding singing ability through the first mini album.

So, EXO-CBX is the male version of Girls' Generation TTS, and what SM Entertainment is looking forward to now is that EXO-CBX will become as successful as TTS. Girls' Generation TTS, who gained great popularity with its hits such as "Twinkle" and "Holler," is considered as the most successful female sub unit in kpop history.

The EXO-CBX members are already very popular idol stars and have great singing skills. There's no doubt about it. However, the key to their success is the popular appeal of their song. Even though it's true that EXO is the most popular kpop idol group, there has been a public opinion that the group's music is too difficult and doesn't have any popular appeal. They need to change their music style this time. You know, Girls' Generation has tried many new things through their albums, but "Twinkle" and "Holler" were songs that are very easy to sing along to and include catchy hooks.

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