The last chance given to T-ara

T-ara is coming back. T-ara will release its new album in November, while it has been a year and 3 months since the girl group released "So Good" in August 2015. By the way, it is notable that they chose a emotional medium tempo music as their new title track because the dance group won stardom with its danceable song "Bo Peep Bo Peep" in 2009 and has released many cheerful songs. Actually, there's reason behind why T-ara has chosen change.

You know, T-ara's bullying problem has surfaced in 2012, and the girl group's former member Hwayoung was kicked out of the team. After the incident, T-ara became the focus of public censure because it seemed that the members bullied Hwayoung.

T-ara has done many things to make a breakthrough. The members released solo albums and also have been active on various TV shows. However, it didn't work. There still is a public criticism against T-ara, while no one regards the girl group as one of the most popular kpop girl groups any more.

In this situation, T-ara's upcoming comeback will be their last shot to gain their feet. Actually, they've already done everything they could, and releasing a medium tempo music written by Duble Sidekick, one of the most prestigious kpop producers, is the last remaining solution. 

So, do you think T-ara will be able to gain their feet by making a successful comeback with its brand new album? The girl group's fate will be decided in a month.