SM doesn't worry about "The Next Taeyeon"

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is going to make a comeback as a solo singer. The competitive kpop vocalist will release her new single "11:11" on November 1, while it is quite a surprise for her fans.

By the way, some people in the kpop world are worried about Girls' Generation and Taeyeon now, saying, "Taeyon will face a real crisis due to the excessive consumption of her image." Well, some of you might disagree, but it makes sense. She's been releasing so many solo songs since she debuted as a solo singer in 2015, while most of other famous kpop singers do not pursue such a strategy because they have to raise their marketability. In this situation, some people in the kpop industry also say that SM has to worry about "The next Taeyeon" because they think Taeyeon is going to lose her popularity soon.

Well, but it seems like SM doesn't worry about "The next Taeyeon" at all. Do you know why?

If Taeyeon is just a idol star or an entertainer, there could be a strong presumption that she will go downhill soon due to the excessive consumption of her image. However, what SM is expecting from Taeyeon now is that she will become a great solo vocalist who represents kpop industry such as Lee Sun Hee, Park Jung Hyun, etc. That's why SM has been giving her many chances to show off her talent and competitiveness as a solo singer.

Secondly, SM has already made its plans for "The next Taeyeon." Just 2 of 8 members of Girls' Generation have released their solo albums, which means SM and Girls' Generation got something more to show.(I miss Jessica at this point. She even finished recording her new song before leaving SM) And the Red Velvet members are also continuing to grow as planned even though the girl group has very tough competitors such as TWICE and BLACKPINK.