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SHINee 1 of 1 Press Conference: They do not share their private lives

Q. You made a comeback with your 5th full album "1 of 1." How do you feel?
Jonghyun: When we were preparing for the album, all the members were very busy and had some difficulties physically. As we have an attachment to the album, we really wanted to release it as soon as possible. Actually, we're always thrilled, excited and nervous when our album is released. We want to express all the feelings on the stage. And as we took much part in the album, please have more interest in it.

Q. It's notable that "1 of 1" has a retro-style melody.
Jonghyun: Well, I think it could be a risky choice to do retro-style music. However, we decided to challenge, and we wanted to express our signature character through the music. We just enjoyed producing the album.
Taemin: When we were a rookie, we covered New Kids On The Block's song, and I think it was a great experience. Liket that, I've learned about retro-style culture through secondhand experiences. When I listened to "1 of 1" for the first time, it reminded me of a movie "Nameless Gangster : Rules of Time."
Key: Personally, I like Bobby Brown, and "1 of 1" reminds me of his music. We tried to reinterpret retro-style music.

Q. Key and Minho took part in the rap making of "Don't Stop."
Key: Yeah, the lyrics are about a reserved person who has a talk with another himself who longs for a challenge.
Minho: We wanted to speak of SHINee's aspirations. I hope we will be able to share feelings with our fans.

Q. Onew, you wrote the lyrics of "So Amazing."
Onew: I wanted to talk about how I feel when I commune with our fans on the stage.

Q. Tell me about the choreography of "1 of 1."
Taemin: We had a meeting on the choreography with a choreographer. We wanted to create an easy choreography this time, but I think it's not that easy. It's a choreography of SHINee style, and you will be able to feel young energy from it.
Key: I think it's a little bit easier than our former choreography. It's a 90s-style choreography, while energetic dance performance was in fashion in the 90s. Please look forward to it.

Q. You are regarded as one of the idol groups who have the best teamwork. What's the secret?
Jonghyun: It has been more than 10 years since we were together, but what we think the most important is not to talk about each other's private life. We don't share our private lives, and I think it's very helpful to our work.
Minho: As we know about each other so well, we can sense each other's dislike and we never disturb each other.
Key: It is because we don't particularly care about our teamwork. We just behave naturally.

Q. Key, you're currently appearing in "Drinking Solo" as an actor. It seems like many people say you're doing great.
Key: In the old days, I've never dreamed of being active as a TV actor. I'm just bewildered at receiving unexpected praise. I'll try harder to show better acting performance.

Q. So, who is your "one of one"?
Onew: People around me like my family, fans and members.
Taemin: In the song, we sing about a lover, but personally I think "one of one" is myself.
Jonghyun: My family.
Minho: The SHINee members and fans.
Key: I think my "one of one" is our activity for now.

Q. What do you want to achieve through the album?
Minho: I hope the album will offer nostalgic value to people.
Onew: We want to become closer to our fans.
Taemin: I always dream of making people happy through our music. I'll try my best to become a singer who can bring pleasure to a lot of people.

**Girls' Generation's Sooyoung hosted the press conference. She said, "I feel like I'm a fan of SHINee, not just a label mate of them. I have a strong affection for them because they were being trained too when I was a trainee. And whenever watching SHINee's performance, I'm so impressed because they're really energetic on the stage. I can feel their power."

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