Reason why Rainbow's breakup is not a huge surprise

On October 28 2016, DSP Media officially announced that the 7th-year girl group Rainbow will be disbanded and each member will go their separate ways. Actually, so many people in the k-pop world feel sorry for Rainbow because the girl group members have been working very sincerely and they've never caused any trouble. And they've always been treating people around them very kindly too. In addition, they've been getting along very well with each other for a long time.

Well, however, the problem comes down to the girl group's popularity. Rainbow has released many albums since its debut in 2009 but couldn't become one of the most popular k-pop idol groups, unfortunately. One of the reasons for Rainbow's failure was DSP Media's lack of producing ability, but the girl group was also very unlucky because there were so many competitive rival girl groups who debuted in 2009 along with Rainbow such as 2NE1, After School, 4minute, f(x), T-ara and Secret.

Anyway, the Rainbow members, who have done all they could do to become popular but suffered failure again and again, had to make a decision before the termination of their contracts with DSP Media. Do you think they have to struggle to succeed for more years in the agency even though it seems like they have no hope of success as the members of Rainbow? No, it's so cruel. They had to think about their future, and that's why they decided to take a fresh start by disbanding their team. Some of them will be active as actresses, while others are still agonizing about their future.