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Reason why Naeun suddenly burst into tears at Apink's fan meeting

On October 14, Apink held the last fan meeting event for its "Only One" activity. By the way, Naeun, who is regarded as always being bright and cheerful, threw her fans into confusion because she suddenly burst into tears at the event. When she cried, Chorong cried right along with her, while the other members tried to soothe them. Well, here's what happened.

You know, Apink made a comeback with its new album "Pink Revolution" on September 26, but the result was below expectations. The popular girl group couldn't have won a No.1 trophy of kpop chart shows, while there has been a public opinion that Apink has had their day. In this situation, the Apink members got a lot of stress and burden.(The members said "It feels like we're still a rookie girl group" at the fan meeting)

So, at the fan meeting event, some of the fans shouted "Let's be together for a long time," and to this, Naeun and Chorong were chocked up with emotion because they could feel the love of their fans, who have been always supporting them.

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