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Reason why BoA said she's going to become Asia's grandma

On October 26, BoA attended a press conference for her new drama "My wife's having an affair this week." By the way, it was a notable moment when she provoked a good laugh by saying "I'm going to become Asia's grandma" at the event. Here's what happened there.

All the leading actors of "My wife's having an affair this week" such as Song Jihyo, Lee Sunkyun and Lee Sangyeop attended the press conference, while BoA was the only singer-turned-actress among them. And you know, she is not just a common singer-turned-actress. BoA, who is called "Asia's Star" has achieved a great success as a singer and reached at the top of the tree. So, during the event, the attendees commented about her nickname "Asia's Star" again and again, and to this, BoA looked a little bit embarrassed but said, "I'll perform on the stage as a Asia's star for the rest of my life. Yeah, I'll do it till I'll become Asia's grandma. And I think I will be able to make a comeback as a singer next year."

Yeah, the top kpop star did show pride in her job by making remarks about "Asia's Star" and "Asia's grandma."

Check out what BoA talked about her character and what the director of "My wife's having an affair this week" talked about BoA's acting.

It's the first time for me to play a divorced woman. When I heard about my character for the first time, I was very surprised and said "A divorced woman? Really?" Even though I don't play a big role in the drama, I think I still lack the capability to take a larger role and I'm trying to do my best to show good acting performance. And I think it's a great chance to act with such a great actors and actresses.

Kim Sukyoon - Director of "My wife's having an affair this week"
I think singers have to express emotions through their music just like actors do in their dramas. I knew she would do great job, and she expressed her character really well. I'm sure viewers will be amazed by her acting too.

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