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Interview with Park Bogum: He doesn't even know Red Velvet Irene's phone number

Q. You've just finished filming your drama "Moonlight drawn by clouds." How do you feel?
Bogum: I was very happy to be loved by so many viewers. At first, it was hard for me to play the character, but I could do it thanks to many people's great help.

Q. As an actor, what did you learn from the drama?
Bogum: I think I could grow up through the drama. As I had to show various charms in the drama, I could learn how to speak my lines properly.

Q. It was impressive that you danced in your Korean dress Hanbok to promote the drama.
Bogum: Well, I'd never imagined I would dance in front of tourists because I'm a shy man and I've never been to clubs. I don't drink alcohol, and I sometimes go to a karaoke to have some fun. I think I became confident after dancing in front of many people.

Q. It was the first time for you to appear in a historical drama. How was it?
Bogum: When I was cast for the role, I was very excited because I'd been dreaming of appearing in a historical drama. However, I felt a strong sense of responsibility after then. And as my character in the drama is totally different from myself, it was very hard to absorb.

Q. So, how did you overcome the difficulties?
Bogum: I recalled words from Shin Wonho, the director of "Reply 1988." Before filming “Replay 1988,” he said to all the cast, "Every one of you is the main character of the drama. So, you don't need to feel pressured to do it alone." The words helped me a lot when I was filming "Moonlight drawn by clouds." And Kim Yoojung told me many things about historical drama too. You know, even though she's younger than me, she has a lot of experience as an actress.

Q. Are you satisfied with your acting performance?
Bogum: No, not at all. Whenever I appear in a drama or movie, I feel lacking in some sense. If I will have a chance to appear in another historical drama later, I will try to show better acting performance.

Q. Do you realize your great popularity?
Bogum: I don't know how to react to words of praise. I think I'm so flattered. My worry these days is that so many fans send me their love but I can't take care of every single person. I'll try to get many chances to meet my fans.

Q. What is your ideal type of woman?
Bogum: As I always fall in love at first sight, I don't have my ideal type of woman. I express my love very impassionedly when I love someone.

Q. People say Red Velvet's Irene and you make a great pair.
Bogum: Well, it's true that we worked in perfect harmony, but I don't even know her phone number, haha. It was a great experience for me to host "Music Bank" because I could communicate with my fans.

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