DIA Chaeyeon gives her thoughts about the title "The Next Suzy"

I'm so honored to be given such a title. I think we have "freshness" in common. Actually, Suzy is my role model along with actress Jeon Doyeon. She is good in every field, and that's why I want to become like her. And I chose Jeon Doyeon to be my role model when I was a middle school student because I wanted to become "Queen of Cannes." As a singer, I hope to become a legendary star like S.E.S.

I weighed 64 kg last year but I reduced my weight by 16 kg in 3 months. I hardly ate anything and just ate soft soybean curd and soybean milk. And I did dance practice. Actually, I had a blood pressure problem after then and began to eat some food. But I think humans do not fall so easily. I do not eat vitamin or mineral supplements either. 

Sadly, I'm banned from dating now. My ideal type is a man of sincerity who is on the same wavelength with me. I want to date somebody if I get free time later. For now, work comes first.

When I was young, my dream was to be an actress. At that time, I attended acting school to enter arts high school. However, my agency wanted me to be a singer when I became a trainee, and I told straight out that I'm not good at dancing and singing at all. I became interested in those things during practice. Actually, I do not take acting lesson these days because it is my agency's policy. The agency representative always says I have to find my own thing instead of just learning. I know it's a good word, but sometimes I'm very anxious.