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BTS "WINGS" Press Conference: They hope to be ranked in the top 100 of Billboard chart

Q. You made a successful comeback by topping various online music charts with your new album "WINGS." How do you feel?
Jimin: We were so nervous before releasing the album that we couldn't even sleep. We wondered what people's reactions would like be. But I'm so glad now because it seems like so many fans have been looking forward to our comeback. We'll keep working hard to show our fans wonderful performances.

Q. It's notable that your new album is being well received by foreign fans too.
Rap Monster: Well, we've been ranked on the Billboard 200 two times in a row, and we can become the first ever k-pop idol group who makes the top 200 three times in a row if we achieve a success with "WINGS." We hope we're able to break the record. I think our foreign fans are very passionate because they always sing along the Korean lyrics of our songs.

Q. What do you think is the reason why you're so loved by foreign fans?
Suga: I try to communicate with foreign fans on SNS. By doing so, I want to become more friendly with them. And we've been trying to meet as many foreign fans as we can by holding various concerts in foreign countries since debut.

Q. Tell me about your new album.
Rap Monster: Through "The most beautiful moment in life," we sang about the pain and beauty of youth. But this time, we wanted to sing about the youth confronted with a temptation. We experience an inner conflict when we're confronted with a temptation, and I think we can grow up through such an experience. And when we were filming the music video of our new song "Blood Sweat & Tears," we got inspiration from the novel "Demian." I got a special feeling when I read it again after becoming an adult, and I feel great that our fans became interested in the novel because of us.
J-Hope: The album also contains each member's solo songs. The songs are autobiographical, and I'm so proud of releasing the album.

Q. How do you feel about your solo tracks?
J-Hope: It was an honor for me to take part in two solo tracks. I think my effort has been rewarded because many fans like the songs.
Jungkook: I wanted to express my thoughts about the other members, and I was happy to speak my mind through my solo track.

Q. Do you have any special episode about the album production?
Suga: After finishing recording my solo track "First Love," I sent the file to music producers but they said the file has been corrupted. I had to record the song again, and it’s true it was a hassle. But I want to consider it as a sign of success.

Q. People in the k-pop world think your success is so special because you've achieved such a great success even though you're not an idol group of a big k-pop agency.
J-Hope: Yeah, our agency is small, but the name of it is "Big Hit," haha. We'll keep trying our best to make a big hit.
Jungkook: Well, Bang Sihyuk, the chief producer of our agency was like a principal in the old days. However, these days, he always treats us very warmly. He treats us to a meal whenever he has time.

Q. What do you think is the reason for your great popularity?
Suga: I think people like us because we tell our own stories. We can't be boys for ever but we want to be, and we'll keep trying to sing about topics and worries which arouse sympathy from many people.

Q. All of you are very talented singers. Is there any plan for you to release your sub-unit album?
Rap Monster: We'll release our sub-unit album or solo albums if there is a justification for it. However, I think it's time for us to focus on our group activity now.

Q. What's your goals for this year?
Rap Monster: When we debuted, we released a single but the album had a total of 7 tracks, and we've been always trying to release an album which is filled with at least 9-10 songs because we wanted to gain people’s trust. Our ultimate goal is to have a good influence on our fans’ lives and values.
V: I want to win No.1 trophies of various music chart shows, and I also want to be ranked on the top 100 of Billboard chart. And oh, another goal I want to achieve is to receive the grand prize at the end-of-year music awards.

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