Yoona handles a situation very wisely at The K2 Press Conference

As I mentioned before, "The K2" is a drama aimed at Chinese market, and they really needed Yoona, who is very popular in the country. That's why the production crew tried to persuade her again and again. However, at the press conference, she didn't mention about it. Instead, she tried to speak well of the drama and her co-workers.

As it has been a long time since I appeared in Korean drama, I was very nervous and had many worries about my new drama. Nevertheless, I decided to appear in The K2 because I can work together with so great actors and production crew. And I think my character is very attractive. I hope The K2 will be the best drama in my life. 

Reason why Yoona was asked this question is that other famous idol stars, Suzy and IU have been recently embroiled in controversy due to their lack of acting skills. However, Yoona didn't even mention their names and just said, "It's true that I was pressured about it years ago. However, I'm OK now because what's important to me is that I can challenge myself and try something new through the drama."