Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Things you didn't know about Super Junior Kim Hee Chul

When he had SM's audition, he could captivate Lee Soo Man's heart very easily because he was so pretty, while he is known to the public as the visual member of Super Junior. However, that's not all. He has a gift for music and is a competitive musician. Have you listened to M&D's album? Kim Hee Chul covers a wide range of music genres, while his songs are marked by his strong individuality. His vocal is quite impressive too. I bet he is a better musician than most of the other idols.

Due to his idiosyncratic tastes in fashion and outspoken behaviors, people think he should be a troublemaker. However, he's never gotten into trouble since his debut, while there has been no bad rumor about him. He is free-spirited, but he acts within the legal boundaries. And even though he is close with so many female celebrities, he is a long way from a womanizer. He's just very sociable.

He usually says he is a universe big star as a joke. However, he is not arrogant at all in real life. He is easygoing and is well-liked by his fellow workers. That's why he gets along well with all the people in the entertainment world, and there doesn't seem to be anyone that he's not close with. He is one of the most popular idol stars among kpop journalists because he doesn't act like a celebrity in front of people.

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