Noticeable Change of SM: Begins to take more interest in Hip Hop

Chanyeol of EXO will be featured in Far East Movement's upcoming new single as a rapper. Well, it's unusual for SM artists to take part in foreign singer's album as a rapper, while YG artists usually do this kind of work. Some people might think this is just a one time event. However, I don't think so. SM will continue to try to extend musical territory because the agency is aiming at becoming a global music company which has a significant impact on every genre of music.

When NCT U released its debut single "The 7th Sense" last April, the song was favorably reviewed by Korean hip hop listeners, while it is rare that SM artists receive a positive response from hip hop listeners. Well, NCT U showed great rap performance in the music, and many hip hop listeners said "They're better than idols of YG." The fact that NCT U has a great rapping ability shows how SM is changing. Unlike in the past, SM began to pay more attention to its artists' rap performance.