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Is 2PM really obsolete?

You know, 2PM released its new song "Promise" on September 13. However, sadly, it was a big failure. 2PM couldn't attract people's attention at all. Well, this shows 2PM's present position in the kpop world. 2PM is not one of the most popular idol groups in Korea any more.

It's natural for idol groups to go downhill years after debut. However, 2PM began to go downhill too early. There are several reasons, the first is JYP's lack of strategy. 2PM started taking an active part in writing their songs since 2014. The members showed good ability in writing songs, but the problem is that they couldn't have their own musical characteristics yet.(2PM has gained great popularity as "The Animals" and showed off very masculine charm through their hits such as "10 out of 10" and "Heartbeat." However, after starting writing their own songs, their conception has become blurred) Well, it's very ridiculous that a 8th-year boy group is still working on finding its musical conception. JYP had to give 2PM more chances to stand alone earlier.

Even though it's true 2PM is going downhill, it's impressive that each member has been doing their best in different areas. No doubt, the 2PM members are very handsome and attractive, and their leverage in the kpop world is still valid. In addition, it's very notable that the members still have a great teamwork even though it has been years since their debut, which means they're likely to be together for many years to come, giving help to each other. Apart from their drop in popularity as an idol group, chances are they'll be active in the entertainment world steadily.

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