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What Block B Zico & AOA Seolhyun's agencies did after a Love Scandal was reported

Block B's Zico and AOA's Seolhyun were spotted on a secret date by Dispatch, while the Korean media outlet reported the news on August 10, 2016. After the report, both of Zico and Seolhyun admitted they were dating. By the way, isn't it strange that it took about 2 hours for the two agencies to make their official announcements? Of course, they had to do fact-checking, but it took too long.

Let's see FNC and Seven Seasons' official announcements first.

FNC: "When they were having hard times, they depended on each other and started to have good feelings toward each other. They're in a comfortable senior-junior relationship."

Seven Seasons: "The two who are in a close senior-junior relationship met when they were having hard times and are now getting to know each other."

Seolhyun is the representative idol star of FNC, while the agency is listed on the stock exchange. And a love scandal could have a bad influence on a female star in Korea, which means admitting Seolhyun's romantic relationship with Zico could bring down FNC's stock price. Because of these reasons, FNC didn't want to use direct expressions about Seolhyun's love scandal. As you can see above, the agency used vague expressions such as "they started to have good feelings toward each other" and "a comfortable senior-junior relationship." And the agency persuaded Seven Seasons to admit the two stars' romantic relationship by using ambiguities such as "a close senior-junior relationship" and "getting to know each other." Well, I understand FNC's position, but the agency should have used more refined expressions because the vague and weird official announcements made people in the Korean entertainment world laugh a lot.

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