Reason Why Park Shin Hye Delayed her Fan Meeting Tour

Park Shin Hye has held her fan meeting tour every year since 2012, while she is the only Korean actress who can hold such a large scale event in various foreign countries.

However, here's a sad news for Park Shin Hye's fans all over the world. The popular actress recently decided to delay her fan meeting tour which was originally scheduled to be held within this year.

It is due to her busy schedule. You know, she is one of the best Korean actresses in their 20s and has been receiving love calls from various dramas and movies. She usually select her next drama or movie very carefully, but this time, she chose one so soon.(which means she felt a certain attraction for it)

Park Shin Hye decided to appear in her new movie "The Witness of Silence," and its first shooting will be started in September. Popular movie stars such as Choi Minsik and Ryu Junyeol are going to appear in the movie too, while famous director Jung Jiwoo will direct the film. It takes at least 2-3 months to finish filming a movie, which means Park Shin Hye is unable to do anything else until the end of the year. Besides, she has to take part in promotional activities for her another movie "Brother" which is expected to be released within this year.

I asked the official from Shin Hye's agency about her fan meeting tour, and she said, "We expect we will be able to hold the fan meeting tour in the first half of next year. As she did in "Doctors," Shin Hye will do her best to show great acting performance through her movies."