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Interview with After School Nana: She's a straightforward, easy-going, and feisty person

Q. Your acting performance in your drama "The Good Wife" was well received by the public. I wonder why you didn’t begin your career as an actress earlier.
Nana: I wanted to act a long time ago but I was not ready. Actually, there have been many chances and I had auditions too. I just couldn't seize the chance.

Q. What do people around you talk about the drama?
Nana: They say they thought I'd not be good at acting but I did better than expected.

Q. Didn't you feel much pressure because you had to play the unordinary character who is bisexual as an idol star?
Nana: Well, I think I'm not an idol star when I act. The character was very attractive, and I had 5 times of auditions because I really wanted to take the role.

Q. How do you practice your acting?
Nana: It's been a long time since I began to learn vocalization and basic skills of acting. And I've been learning from my new teacher Ahn Jieun since 2014. I've learned a lot from her.

Q. Your voice sounds different in your drama, by the way.
Nana: When I film entertainment shows, I try to show cheerful and lively aspects of myself. That's why my voice tone is always high in the shows. However, my character in the drama has different personality. She's really cool.

Q. Do you have something in common with the character?
Nana: Yes, we are both straightforward, easy-going, and feisty.

Q. Why do you think you are receiving a favorable evaluation as an actress?
Nana: Well, it was just my first drama. As I appeared in the drama with many great actors, I could receive a lot of help from them.

Q. How are you getting along with actress Jeon Do Yeon?
Nana: At first, I felt very uncomfortable as she is such a big senior. But I could become intimate with her because she is so kind and considerate. Before the premiere of the drama, I told her that I had difficulties in playing my character and she readily helped me practice acting. After the practice, we also ate Tteok-bokki(Stir-fried Rice Cake) together.

Q. Your fashion style in the drama was a hot issue too.
Nana: She is an active person, and I chose simple and ordinary but slim-fit clothes.

Q. How did you keep your body in shape?
Nana: I have tendency to gain weight. It's not easy to overcome my urge to eat, but I try to watch my diet. I usually work out hard, but I couldn't do it during filming of the drama. I think I lost some muscle on my body.

Q. I heard that you learned Gyeongsang-do dialect from Lizzy.
Nana: Yeah, she was my teacher. I heard her voice recordings to learn Gyeongsang-do dialect. The other After School members cheered for me too.

Q. You know, Uee is in an open relationship with actor Lee Sang Yoon. What do you think of an open relationship?
Nana: I think it's not bad. However, I have to watch my behavior to avoid gossip if I'm in an open relationship. And well, I want to be in an open relationship if I have someone to get married to.

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