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How Sweet Park Shin Hye's Agency is

I've met many people in the Korean entertainment world, and well, what I've learned is that it takes all kinds to make a world. Some of them are very impolite, while there also are some people who are very eccentric.(Of course, there are many good people too)

Anyway, I want to talk about the best people in the Korean entertainment world I've ever met. Yeah, those are people in Park Shin Hye's agency. The female executive of the agency is very modest and kind, while the publicist for the agency also has a good personality. They've been working with Park Shin Hye since she was very young, and they cherish her as if she is their own sister. And they are so nice to media workers even though Park Shin Hye is a top star now. You know, Park Shin Hye is well known for being sweet and good-natured, and I think it is because she's been working in the entertainment world with good people for a long time.

And check out the photo below. What do you think it is? It's the news letter sent from Park Shin Hye's agency. They send this kind of news letter to media workers once a month, while no other agencies do this cumbersome thing. It is not only a work for their entertainers but also a work for media workers because we can see what the entertainers are doing these days just at a glance. They're so caring and thoughtful.

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