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SMTM5 Winner BewhY became interested in music because of Big Bang (+ Kpop Idols' Comments about Big Bang)

Have you watched Mnet's "Show Me The Money 5"? You know, a young rapper BewhY showed outstanding performance through the program and won the championship. The talented rap star who captured Korean music fans' heart with has attractive voice tone and unique flow, is now causing a sensation on online music charts.

On July 19, BewhY had an interview with Korean entertainment journalists. Through the interview, he talked about his music, life, and career. Especially, it was notable that he commented about Big Bang and G-Dragon when he was asked about the reason why he uses "BewhY" as his stage name. Let's see what he talked about Big Bang and G-Dragon.

When I was a middle school student, I really liked Big Bang's music. I became interested in music because of Big Bang even though I became interested in hip hop for another reason. And I thought I wanted to have a great stage name just like G-Dragon. At first, I quoted initial of my real name "Lee Byung Yoon" and used "BY" for my stage name. However, I wanted to give meaning to the name and decided to use "BewhY." C Jamm helped me when I decided on the stage name.

Well, actually, there are so many young idols in the world of kpop who respect Big Bang and G-Dragon. The 10th-year idol group is well known for its unique and refined music style and has been leading the trend of kpop. Big Bang is now considered as the "celebrity of celebrity" among Korean entertainers. So, here are kpop idols' comments about Big Bang and G-Dragon.

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