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Is AOA's Seolhyun Overrated?

After appearing in a commercial for SK Telecom, AOA's Seolhyun became the hottest female idol star in Korea. She's been active as a model for various brands, while she was also appointed as PR ambassador for Korea's general selection. She's now one of the highest-paid female k-pop idols. Well, it seems like nothing can stop her. You know, Seolhyun was even called "The next Suzy." I'm the first k-pop journalist who gave her the nickname, and I rated her highly because I thought she had a good possibility to grow up as a k-pop icon like Suzy.

By the way, some people in the k-pop world say that she's just overrated and she will never overcome her limit. Do you know why? Actually, there is a big difference between Seolhyun and Suzy.

Even though Suzy has appeared in various commercials, she has been active as an actress too. After appearing in "Architecture 101" in 2012, she's been establishing herself as an actress, which means she's not just a CF queen. She's a promising young actress, and she made an appearance on various media platforms unlike Seolhyun who won great popularity only as a CF model. And the fact that AOA couldn’t have had any hits since “Heart Attack” became a hit in 2015 is Seolhyun’s another weakness. You know, idols should have their hit songs or hit dramas to become the real star. That's why some say Seolhyun's popularity is unsubstantial.

Of course, Seolhyun has perfect appearance and is still loved by so many people. And she's going to try to plant herself in the entertainment world by appearing various dramas and movies because FNC Entertainment, home to AOA, also knows Seolhyun is its hope and is now trying to give full support to her. It's still possible for her to advance to a higher position in the k-pop industry.

So, what do you think? Is Seolhyun overrated? Let's take a poll.

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