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EXO members' Grades for their Movie Appearance

D.O - A
Cart: 814,000 audiences
Pure Love: 244,000 audiences
After appearing in his first ever drama "It's Okay, that's love" in 2014, D.O began to grab the attention of the public as a promising young actor. He showed really great performance through his movies "Cart" and Pure Love" too. He is regarded as the best actor among EXO members now. One of his strengths as an actor is that he is not that handsome. Well, some of fans might disagree with this, but it's true that he's not traditionally good-looking, which means he can play a variety of kinds of roles in dramas and movies. Even though his movies were not commercial success, D.O will be able to be active as an actor for a long time because he is competent enough to distinguish himself in Korean movie world.

Chanyeol - B-
Salut D'Amour: 1,165,000 audiences
"Salut D'Amour" was Chanyeol's first ever movie. He played a minor character in the movie, and frankly speaking, the character was not difficult to play. However, Chanyeol acted his part well and didn't ruin the flow of the movie. He showed a possibility as an actor at least. The young idol star who is tall and has a handsome face might grow up as a competitive actor if there will be his enough enthusiasm and effort.

Suho - B-
One Way Trip: 189,000 audiences
Before Suho's first movie "One Way Trip" was released, I was really looking forward to his acting because he has a great face as an actor and he is the one who shows great diligence in his work. However, unfortunately, he couldn't present his ability to the full because "One Way Trip" was a low-budget film and he played a minor role. As it was his first experience and just like Chanyeol, he showed a possibility as an actor at least, I'm expecting he will be able to realize his potential some day.

Xiumin - B
Seondal: 1,147,000 audiences(so far)
A good news is that Xiumin's movie "Seondal" is maintaining the top spot of Korean box office. Before the movie was released, some expressed concern about Xiumin's acting, but people in Korean movie world say that he showed very natural acting performance through the movie. As Xiumin is a smart and talented member, he will be able to be actively engaged in various fields.

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