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The Kpop Idol Star Couple Break up Fictitiously

You know, love scandals between idol stars always attract great attention from kpop fans. Actually, so many idol stars are enjoying their dating now even though just a few of them admit to being in a romantic relationship with somebody. Yeah, they usually just deny their romantic relationships, and I can understand them because they're young stars who are loved by so many fans.

By the way, the kpop idol star couple who have admitted their romantic relationship in the past is a unique case. They've been dating well, and it seems like their relationship will continue for some time. However, they're acting as if they've already broken up, while many media outlets have reported about it. Well, both of them are very popular stars, and they were widely blamed for their special relationship when it was revealed that they were dating. It looks that The two and their agencies concluded that it is beneficial for them to break up fictitiously. I think the strategy worked. The announcement about their breakup allayed fans' rage.

Of course, I think it's a bad thing to deceive fans. However, what I feel about the case is that they're pathetic. They're still young and they have a right to love just like ordinary young men and women. Loving somebody is not a crime, right?
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