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Kpop Agencies obsessed with promoting Trainees who appeared in "Produce 101"

Mnet's "Produce 101" was ended about 2 months ago and I.O.I, a 11-member girl group which was created through the program is now very active in the world of kpop. It seems like the 11 members' success is guaranteed and all the competition is over.

However, there still is a fierce competition behind the curtains among trainees who have appeared in "Produce 101." You know, I.O.I is a temporary girl group and the I.O.I members should go separate ways soon. That's why each member's kpop agency is actively engaged in promoting its own trainees.

A notable example is MBK Entertianment's Jung Chae Yeon. The kpop agency, which is well known for its old-fashioned promotion strategy by Kim Kwang Soo, has already announced that Chae Yeon will be active not only as a member of I.O.I but also as a member of DIA.(It's really ridiculous that she left the girl group just before the broadcast of "Produce 101" and rejoined the team after becoming popular) You may not know it, MBK Entertainment issues press releases about Chae Yeon almost everyday. She is now the hope of MBK Entertainment.

Kpop agencies which have trainees who have appeared in "Produce 101" but failed to become I.O.I members are busy promoting their trainees too.

Cube Entertainment is focusing on promoting its rookie girl group CLC, and Kwon Eun Bin, who was one of the 101 trainees of "Produce 101" is at the center of the agency's promotion strategy. When Cube issued a press release about CLC's comeback for the first time, the subject for the email was "CLC with Kwon Eun Bin releases new mini album." The agency also issued press releases about Kwon Eun Bin's participation in choreography and I.O.I members' supportive messages toward her. Other kpop agencies such as Star Empire and DSP are also busy promoting their trainees who have appeared in "Produce 101." Actually, it seems like kpop agencies are obsessed with it.

Well, there is a reason for it. Kpop agencies should invest a huge sum of money to produce idol groups. And the result of the project affects the very existence of the companies. In this situation, taking advantage of the popularity of "Produce 101" can be a very effective strategy for kpop agencies to promote their trainees because most of kpop agencies except for the big ones such as SM and YG do not have systematic promotion systems.

So, who do you think will be the most successful singer among the "Produce 101 " trainees? Nobody can be sure about it, but one thing is certain that all the trainees will have a keen competition and just a few of them will be able to get a chance to become idol stars.

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