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Interview with Tiffany: She answers to a question about Jessica

Q. You made a debut as solo singer by releasing your first ever solo album “I Just Wanna Dance.” How do you feel?
Tiffany: Well, I’m very nervous now because it’s my first ever solo album since I came to Korea 12 years ago.

Q. So, what did you pay attention to most when you were preparing for your first solo album?
Tiffany: I’ve been hard at work on the album since last year. I wanted to show my own musical characteristics, and I cared more about music than visual or performance. I hope many people will really enjoy the album.

Q. Tell me about the title track “I just wanna dance.” It’s notable that the song is a dance track. You know, your team mate Taeyeon sang ballad songs as a solo singer.
Tiffany: Actually, there were many people who were surprised that I chose the dance music as the title track. Well, I like to dance and love cheerful music. And I feel free when I dance. I think it’s a great season to enjoy such an exciting song.

Q. “What do I do” is your first ever own song, and your teammate Sooyoung wrote the lyrics of the song. I guess you’re filled with emotion.
Tiffany: I’ve tried to write my own songs since 2014. However, as you might know, SM Entertainment has a rigorous system. It was really hard to be allowed to include my own song in my album. Before releasing the album, I composed a total of 6 songs and one of them was chosen. I felt really great about it. And various lyric writers wrote the lyrics of the song, while only two people were on the short list. Yeah, Sooyoung was one of them, and I preferred Sooyoung’s lyrics. She knows about me very well, and she also helped me a lot when I recorded the song. I hope I can have more chances to collaborate with the Girls’ Generation members.

Q. Do you have a special reason for including the English version of “What do I do” in the album?
Tiffany: Yeah, actually, I’m still not good at writing Korean lyrics. When I wrote the English lyrics of “What do I do,” I tried to use expressions that are easily understood.

Q. You are the second Girls’ Generation member who debuted as a solo singer. And it seems that some people compare you with Taeyeon, who debuted as a solo singer about 7 months earlier than you. Didn’t you feel pressured about it?
Tiffany: She’s my best friend of 12 years, and she helped me a lot when I was preparing for my solo debut. I learned a lot from her. And I think the reason why Girls’ Generation has been doing so well for more than 10 years is that each member has quite different characteristics. My music is different from Taeyeon’s.

Q. The former Girls’ Generation member Jessica will release her solo album a week later. What do you think about it?
Tiffany: You know, these days there are many singers who release their solo albums. I think all of them worked really hard, and some of them might have prepared for their albums longer than I did. I hope everybody will get a satisfactory result.

Q. There are still many people who have a prejudice against idol singers.
Tiffany: I want to ask why. Idol singers’ songs are music too. They question the veracity of idol music, but the Girls’ Generation members and I are earnest about our music. I’m doing now what I dreamed of a long time ago.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your solo activity?
Tiffany: I want to show a natural dance performance on the stage and leave a strong impression on the public as a dance singer. And I hope my solo album is worthy of Girls’ Generation’s reputation.

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