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Yoona's Great Popularity in China: It's Yoona's Generation

Girls' Generation's Yoona is enjoying great popularity in China. She's currently appearing in Chinese drama "God of War Zhao Yun," and since the drama started to be aired, Yoona became the most popular female star in the country.

The drama has continuously received high viewer ratings, while a mobile game of the same title is also very popular now. Yoona is the main model of the game and Yoona's character is incorporated into the game too. And Yoona's old drama "The Prime Minister and I" is also gaining popularity on a variety of video sites of China. In this situation, Yoona is maintaining the top position of Chinese portal sites' female star popularity ranking. Yeah, no doubt, it's Yoona's generation.

Check out Chinese agent's comments about Yoona.

In China, "Descendants of The Sun" and Song Joong Ki is really really popular now. The handsome Korean actor is causing a sensation. However, among female actresses, Yoona is the most popular. She already had a large fandom before the broadcast of "God of War Zhao Yun," but she became more popular since the drama started to be aired. And one of the reasons why she's so popular in china is that she always tries hard and behaves nicely to people around her. Whenever she is interviewed in China, she tries to answer to all the questions in Chinese. She doesn't speak Chinese very fluently, but Chinese people love her because they know Yoona tries to treat them very sincerely.

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