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TWICE wants to present Healthier Cheerleader Concept than Girls' Generation and AOA

JYP Entertainment's rookie girl group Twice made a comeback with its new album. On April 25, the girl group released its second mini album "Page Two" which has a total of 7 tracks including the title song "Cheer Up." You know, Twice topped various online music chart with "Cheer Up," proving that the girl group is now one of the most popular kpop idol groups.

When Twice released its debut song "Like OOH-AHH" 6 months ago, it seemed that the girl group lagged behind other promising rookie girl groups such as GFriend and Lovelyz. However, JYP Entertainment did its best to promote the girl group, and as Twice has very pretty members, Twice succeeded in turning the table.

On April 25, Twice held a comeback showcase and met with kpop journalists. Let's see what the Twice members talked about their new album.

Q. How do you feel about releasing your new album?
Nayeon: It has been 6 months since we released "Like OOH-AHH." I'm a little nervous but so excited too. We've worked hard on the album, so please enjoy it.

Q. You topped various online music charts with the title song. Did you expect success?
Jihyo: I'm so thankful for the great love. I didn't expect it at all. We'll try our best to requisite our fans' support.
Chaeyoung: When we were ranked No.1, Jeongyeon cried, saying "We topped the chart!" It was incredible that we topped music charts.
Nayeon: We embraced each other and cried with happy tears. It was really moving.

Q. Tell me about the title song "Cheer Up."
Jihyo: The song is a color pop music just like "Like OHH-AHH." We want to show our healthy charm through the song.
Nayeon: We worked on the song with the hit maker Black Eyed Pilseung. I think we still have many things to show you.
Jeongyeon: I think we became more lively and healthier than when we made a debut with "Like OHH-AHH." We have our own color. And we want to act like a vitamin of people.
Tzuyu: We'll never forget our first time. And We'll do our best to show great performance.

Q. You wore cheerleader costumes in your teaser photos. By the way, popular kpop girl groups such as Girls' Generation and AOA have transformed into cheerleaders too. What do you think of it?
Jihyo: We had much debate about our concept. We know that Girls' Generation and AOA have already presented a cheerleader concept, but I think we have something different. We want to show healthier charm.

Q. It's notable that you sang a remade version of Park Jiyoon's hit "Precious Love."
Nayeon: When I listened to the song for the first time, I really loved it. However, I was worried if I could sing the song well because Park Jiyoon's vocal performance was so great. I think Park Jin Young's direction was good, and that's why we could do well.
Jihyo: Chaeyoung took part in making raps of the song and it helped us show our own musical color.

Q. Jeon Somi, who has appeared in Mnet's "Sixteen" with you will debut as a member of a rookie girl group I.O.I.
Chaeyoung: Yeah, we're still keeping in touch with her. We all congratulated her. I miss her.
Jeongyeon: I've not seen her since we appeared in "Sixteen." I hope we will meet soon at a broadcasting company.

Q. Tzuyu, you just entered Hanlim art high school. How's your school life?
Tzuyu: I'm so happy because I can wear pretty school uniform. And I'm very excited because I can go to school with Dahyun and Chayoung. Teachers and classmates help me a lot.

Q. Another kpop rookie girl group Lovelyz released its new album on the same day as you. What do you feel?
Jihyo: Lovelyz has their own musical color too. It's an honor, and we will try to learn a lot.

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