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GOT7 Gets on the Right Track in the World of Kpop

GOT7, who debuted in January 2014 was the ambitious work of Park Jin Young, As the head of JYP Entertainment, the famous music producer put great efforts into the boy group because he needed the next 2PM. When GOT7 debuted, people expected that the group will be able to become a strong rival of EXO, the most popular k-pop boy group of SM Entertainment.

However, the result was below expectations. GOT7 couldn’t become as popular as EXO, while the boy group received less attention even than WINNER and iKON, YG Entertainment’s new boy groups who debuted later than GOT7.

Well, there were two reasons for GOT7’s failure. First, Park Jin Young tried to highlight the fact that GOT7 is JYP’s first ever hip hop boy group, but there were too many hip hop idol groups who debuted around the same time as GOT7, while the group failed to differentiate itself from other hip hop idol groups by showing its own musical characteristics. Second, JYP’s public relations skills were terrible, and the agency couldn’t promote GOT7 in the right way. Actually, a publicist who’s worked for JYP at that time eventually quit his job.

But, GOT7 has finally achieved a success in 2016. GOT7 topped various music chart shows with its new song “Fly,” while the group was ranked second on the k-pop album sales ranking for the first quarter of 2016, proving that it has many loyal fans. Even though there were no big name k-pop idols who released their new albums around the same time as GOT7, it was notable that GOT7 got on the right track in the k-pop world 2 years after its debut. And in September 2016, the group made a successful comeback with its new song “Hard Carry.”

After a process of trial and error, the group finally found the right conception of itself and began to show its own musical characteristics. Through its songs “Fly” and “Hard Carry,” GOT7 has proven that it is different from many other hip hop idol groups who just try to look strong on the stage. The GOT7 members succeeded in captivating many young fans’ hearts by showing off their healthy and natural charm on the stage. And it’s also notable that the members began to take part in writing their songs because by doing so, they can win sympathy from their fans and differentiate themselves from other idols in terms of music.

I can't say GOT7 is the top class idol group yet, but I'm sure the boy group will be able to be active as one of the most competitive k-pop idol groups for a long time. Why? Because GOT7 has enough talents and ability to become a worldwide star, while the members are so good-hearted and kind that nobody in the k-pop industry hates them. I think GOT7 is one of the most good-natured young k-pop boy groups.

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