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Big Difference Between Jessica and JYJ

Jessica is coming back. As is widely known, the idol star is going to release her solo album, while it will be her first ever album since she left Girls’ Generation in 2015.
By the way, it’s very notable that Jessica will appear in MBC’s “Radio Star” to promote the album. The popular TV show is well known for its MCs’ straight questions, and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, who belongs to SM Entertainment is one of the MCs. So, Jessica’s appearance in the program means two things. First, Jessica is open-hearted about commenting about Girls’ Generation and her withdrawal from the girl group. Second, she does not have strained relations with SM Entertainment or its artists.

You know, since Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu left TVXQ and SM Entertainment back in 2009, the three idol stars and SM have been in a strained relationship. There have been fierce conflicts between them, while it’s true that the powerful kpop agency tried to restrict the JYJ members’ broadcasting activities. So, can you see the big difference between Jessica and JYJ’s cases?
Unlike JYJ’s case, a relationship between Jessica and SM has been brought to a happy termination. SM could be a little bit disappointed about her choice, but the agency does not have any hard feelings about her. Like I commented before, people in SM said “We're already finished with her and we're not interested in her any more,” which means SM will never interfere with Jessica’s activities as a solo singer.
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