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The Big Bang Kids make Debut and hope to become the Next G-Dragon

No doubt, BIGBANG is one of the most popular k-pop boy groups, while it is very notable that the group is still so popular even though it has been 10 years since its debut and the members are almost 30 years old. Actually, many of young k-pop idols and trainees these days consider BIGBANG as their great role model not only because the group is one of the most successful k-pop boy groups but also because the 5 members have outstanding musical ability.

You know, BIGBANG is quite different from ordinary k-pop idol groups. They make their own music and they're more of artists than of idols. And they show top class live performance, while they look really free-spirited on the stage. When BIGBANG debuted in 2006, young k-pop idols were in their schools, and they dreamed of becoming a k-pop star like BIGBANG, watching the top class idol group’s performance. Yeah, BIGBANG was the young k-pop idols’ idol when they were students, and they were influenced a lot by the team, of course. That’s why many of young k-pop idols try to write their own music and show energetic and free-spirited performance like BIGBANG. And that is also one reason why some of the young k-pop boy groups’ songs sound like BIGBANG’s music.

A person who works for a k-pop agency told me, “Many of young idols and trainees admire and try to emulate BIGBANG or G-Dragon even though it's a problem that there's no one who is better than G-Dragon. Actually, many hip hop idol groups debuted in recent years, and there are two reasons for it. First, many k-pop agencies regard a hip hop idol group as their best choice because BIGBANG, the most successful hip hop idol group in the history of the k-pop industry, has achieved a huge success. Second, there are many BIGBANG kids who want to become the next GD.”

Then, what young k-pop idol groups talked about BIGBANG. All of them consider the group as their great role model.

We really like BIGBANG, and the great group is our role model. We wanted to go to their concert but we failed to get a ticket for it.

Rocky of ASTRO
My role model is BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. He always shows great performance, and I’m trying really hard to become a great singer like him.

BIGBANG is a trend setter, and it’s very impressive that all the members are the best in their fields. We want to learn a lot from them.

BIGBANG is an object of admiration to us. They show powerful performance, and their stage presence is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

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