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Kim Kwang Soo's Huge Mistake and T-ara Hyomin in a Desperate Situation

T-ara's Hyomin made a comeback as a solo singer by releasing her new album 'Sketch' on March 17. The album has a total of 5 songs including double title tracks 'GOLD' and 'Sketch'. Before the album release, the female singer's agency MBK Entertainment tried to raise people's expectations by saying "Denzil 'DR' Remedios and Ryan S. Jhun who composed many hit songs such as SHINee's 'View' and Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb' participated in producing the album." Especially, it was notable that Hyomin took part in writing 2 songs of the album.

"T-ara has been in the descendant of its career since its bullying incident occurred in 2012. In this situation, Kim Kwang Soo, the chief executive of MBK entertainment, tried to change things by producing solo albums of the T-ara members. As you know, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin released their solo albums, but such strategy has failed. The 3 members' solo albums were commercial failures. However, Kim Kwang Soo had no choice but to keep going because he had to make profits, and Hyomin's new album was his next shot."

By the way, some said Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin's solo projects have failed because their music was nothing but sexy. So, Kim Kwang Soo planned his strategy for Hyomin's new album. He wanted Hyomin to appeal to the public by showing off her musicality and decided to include Hyomin's own songs in the album.(even though she posed topless in her teaser photo)

Then, do you think Kim Kwang Soo's strategy succeeded this time? No, not at all. Did you watch Hyomin's comeback showcase? For the opening performance, Hyomin played piano and sang live. Well, frankly speaking, it was terrible.

Singer songwriters who have outstanding musicality usually show this kind of live performance. But Hyomin was wanting in ability. She merely aped talented singer songwriters. Plus, her own songs are not impressive at all. Those are not unique and catchy either. And not surprisingly, her songs are ranked very low on music charts. Hyomin is now in a desperate situation, and it is due to Kim Kwang Soo, who made her pretend to be a competitive musician.

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