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Girls' Generation TTS Taeyeon says it was like a dream to act with Kang Dong Won

Girls' Generation TTS made a comeback with its first ever Christmas album 'Dear Santa'. The lovely girls held a showcase at SMTOWN@coexartium in Seoul and talked about the album. I was there, and the three talented singers caught eyes of audience by performing all the tracks of their new album. And they sang their hit 'Holler' too! Here are the interesting moments of the showcase.

(After singing 'Winter Story' as the opening song)
Tiffany: Yeah, we made a comeback after a year and 3 month hiatus with our Christmas album. Thank you for coming here and I'm so happy that we can open the album for the first time in front of you.
Seohyun: 'Winter Story', the opening song was a calm and acoustic song which reminds people of Christmas.
Tiffany: Yeah, We've always shown fancy performance as TTS, but I feel really great when I sing this kind of acoustic ballad song with the TTS members.

(About MAMA and 2015)
Taeyeon: It was the first time for me to attend a award ceremony alone. I was very nervous, but fans cheered for me a lot and Tiffany and Seohyun helped me.
Tiffany: We received great awards and held our exclusive concert too. Many things happened in one year.
Seohyun: Yeah, we also released triple title songs as Girls' Generation.
Taeyeon: I think Tiffany was the busiest member.
Tiffany: I've been busy all through the year. Recently, I did a magazine photo shoot with the TTS members. Please look forward to it.
Taeyeon: Yeah, I've been busy since February too. I just tried my best and I'm so happy to release our Christmas album.
Seohyun: I've been busy preparing for Girls' Generation's concert and TTS' new album. And I'm filming a movie in China.
Taeyeon: Oh, you are an actress now.
Seohyun: Well, um.
Taeyeon: Actually, we've already appeared in a movie, right? With Kang Dong Won. It's still like a dream.
Tiffany: You always mention about Kang Dong Won when we talk about movies. I think you never forget.

(After reading Chinese fan's letter)
Taeyeon: Seohyun is feminine when she speaks in Chinese.
Seohyun: Does it mean I'm not feminine when I speak in Korean?
Taeyeon: No, I mean, you're so cute when you speak in Korean but you are more womanly when you speak in Chinese.
Seohyun: (ladyishly) xiexie.

(About Seohyun's writing lyrics of 'Dear Santa')
Seohyun: I was worried if Taeyeon and Tiffany don't like the lyrics, but Tiffany said she loves it.
Tiffany: I'm so proud of her. 
Seohyun: The lyrics are about people's Christmas wish. When I wrote the lyrics, I did a survey about Christmas wish and many of people said they need boyfriends. In the song, we wish to spend Christmas with a great boyfriend.
Taeyeon: Yeah, people have to be with someone because it's cold.

(After performing their new songs)
Tiffany: I really wanted to open the songs, and it's so exciting the songs on the stage. How about you, Taeyeon? You said you really love the album.
Taeyeon: That would be telling, but...
Tiffany: When people ask about Girls' Generation's new album, Taeyeon usually say, "Well, it's ok." But this time, she said "Yeah, it's really awesome!"
Taeyeon: However, it seems that songs I like don't usually become popular, according to my experience. So, I will try to hate our new songs.

(About the album and costumes)
Taeyeon: Tiffany cared about every little thing about costumes.
Tiffany: Actually, I've planned for the album with Taeyeon since last February. We talked about songs, colors of costumes, materials of costumes, etc. Taeyeon, who loves lights and candles provided some ideas about our first teaser image of the album.
Seohyun: By the way, the lion appeared on the music video again. And I like the blue cute costumes.
Tiffany: The director of the music video really liked the scene. He said it should be included in the video. And even though we didn't get a costume fitting, the costumes were an excellent fit.
Seohyun: Actually, it was a little bit short.
Tiffany: That's because you're too tall!
Taeyeon: Well, the costume fits me perfectly.

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