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Block B Zico says it doesn't make any sense that he copies G-Dragon

On December 7, Block B's Zico held a press conference for his solo mini album 'Gallery' which has a total of 6 songs including double title tracks 'Eureka' and 'Pride and Prejudice'. At the press conference, the talented young rapper revealed his thoughts on the new album and his position in the world of kpop. He was straightforward and full of confidence.

Q. Tell me about the title of the album, 'Gallery'.
Zico: I express my feelings and thoughts through my music. Just like many artists communicate with people through their works of art, music is a means of communication to me. When I work on my music, I feel like I'm displaying my works of arts. I tried to put various identities of myself into the album.

Q. You're a great rapper, but at the same, you're an idol. Don't you think the lyrics of 'Eureka' are too erotic?
Zico: Well, it doesn't mean I didn't care about my fans, but I wanted to express what males feel when they look at a sexy woman. And I didn't intend to make an erotic song. I just thought it was the right mood for the song. I know the teenage fans can't listen to the song, but that's why I released 'Pride and Prejudice' too.

Q. You topped various music charts again. When you work on your music, do you usually care much about popular appeal?
Zico: I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about music charts at all. However, I was confident in my music and I wanted to show unexpected things as a solo rapper. I thank all my fans for their great support.

Q. It's notable that Zion.T is featured as a singer in 'Eureka'.
Zico: I've wanted to try such a music. The lyrics might stimulate males' curiosity, while I tried many transformations of a flow through the song. Zion.T was the one who can handle my uneven energy and make the song more colorful.

Q. It seems that people compare you with G-Dragon. And some of them say you just try to copy him.
Zico: I'm just thankful for being compared with the super star. However, we have very different music styles. It doesn't make any sense that I copy him. I'm sure GD's fans don't say so. Such words don't faze me at all.

Q. What does hip hop mean to you?
Zico: Rap is the only way for me to appeal to the public, and I can show my strength through my raps. As a rapper, I want to meet the expectations of people and show my musical growth.
Q. Is there a difference between "rapper Zico" and "Block B's Zico"?
Zico: Block B's music is like U certificate movie, but my music is like director's cut. When I work on Block B's music, I try to make music which can be loved by men and women of all ages. However, I don't care about such a thing when I write my solo songs.
Q. It has been rumored that many kpop agencies conducted under-the-table negotiations to make an exclusive contract with you.
Zico: I'm thankful that so many people's interest in my music. However, the agencies sounded me out on the contract just when I was experiencing conflict with my former agency. I can't say about the period of my contract with current agency.

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