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Miss A Suzy put to the test as a real actress

Miss A's Suzy rose to stardom after taking the lead role of her film 'Architecture 101' in 2012, achieving the nickname of "Nation's First Love." She was so innocent and lovely in the movie, and such a pure image helped her drive on without a stop as an idol star.

However, strictly speaking, she didn't show anything as an actress in the movie except for showing off her innocent and pure charm. It was a character made for her, while the only thing she had to do was to make an innocent face. I don't mean to disparage her achievement, but it was not that hard for Suzy to play the character. She did well in her drama 'Gu Family Book' too, but it's hard to say she showed an "excellent performance" as an actress.

It could be the beginning stage for rookie actresses to play "customized character" just like Suzy did in 'Architecture 101', while most of the idol actresses, including Apink's Eunji and Girls' Day's Hyeri, are in this stage. If they want to be recognized as a real actress not only by their fans but also by the movie industry experts, they need to prove their acting skills by taking difficult roles to play.
Through her new film 'The Sound of a Flower' to be released on November 25, Suzy will be put to the test as an actress. Suzy will play a historical person Jin Chae Sun, who is the first ever female master singer of Pansori, while the character is never easy to play. The character requires Suzy to tap into an enormous range of feeling, and she has to perform Pansori(Korean genre of musical storytelling. It's entirely different from kpop) in the movie too. She has to show more than just smiling or crying. If she does great in the movie, she will be recognized as a real actress, but if not, there's a good chance that she will be branded as a pretty idol star who can just play "customized character." Needless to say, 'The Sound of a Flower' will be a very important movie in Suzy's acting career.

So, do you think Suzy will be able to prove her great acting ability and receive much recognition as a real actress through the movie? My expectation? She will be able to. There are two reasons. First, according to the officials, Suzy did great when she filmed the movie. She made great efforts and portrayed the character very well. Second, her co-star Ryu Seung Ryong is well known for being humorous and nice to surrounding people. If Suzy acted under comforted conditions, she could do it to the best of her ability.(I've interviewed Ryu Seung Ryong and he is really a nice man)

Check out what Suzy talked about her new movie and Ryu Seung Ryong talked about Suzy. I will have a personal interview with Suzy soon, so I will be able to tell you more detail about Suzy's thinking on her acting.

It has been 3 years since I appeared on 'Architecture 101', and I've thought so much about my next movie. Even though I knew that it's hard to perform Pansori in my new movie, I wanted a challenge. I've practice Pansori with a master singer for about a year, while it was very uncomfortable to perform Pansori because there's a big difference between Pansori and pop. I can't sing as good as the master singer, but I tried to do my best just like Jin Chae Sun does in the movie. As I had a difficult and bad experience when I was a trainee, I could be absorbed in the character who has much worry about her singing.

Ryu Seung Ryong
Suzy was a "happy virus" of the movie. She is like a white drawing paper. She is an innocent actress and has infinite possibilities. Even though her character was hard to play, she overcame her limitations. I'm sure she will grow up as a great actress.

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