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Interview with Choi Siwon: Lee Soo Man Provides a Right Path for Him

In 2015, Super Junior's Choi Siwon has successfully finished filming his drama "She was pretty." He played a feature editor Kim Shin Hyuk who is humorous and freewheeling but thoughtful. He showed an outstanding performance in the drama and could enjoy great popularity as an actor. It is notable that the 10th-year idol star finally shed his image as an idol and began to be recognized as a real actor.

I had an interview with him and could hear about his thoughts on his acting, drama, and career. He was handsome and humorous, so it seemed that many female journalists fell in love with him.

Q. Your drama and character were loved by so many people. How do you feel?
Siwon: I'm so happy. I'm thankful for unexpected love and interest from the viewers. Actors and staff members of "She was pretty" had a party after the end of the drama, and all of us were excited about our success. By the way, someone who is entirely devoid of sense asked me about my next drama. As you know, I will join the army soon. So I said I will go to a boot camp. I want to serve my country the best I can. Please wait till I finish my military service.

Q. Did you expect the success of your drama?
Siwon: Actually, I couldn't even afford to do that because I had to care about my enlistment. I just tried to show better performance to the viewers. I think the harmony among the drama's writer, director and actors was really great. And I want to thank actress Hwang Jung Eum for contributing to making the drama near perfect.

Q. What do you think is the charm of your character in the drama?
Siwon: What I liked about him was that he is freewheeling but keeps within bounds. He lets it all hang out but knows moderation. And he really is a witty man. I've hoped to play a witty character such as Jack Sparrow of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Tony Stark of "Iron Man."

Q. You showed off your comic charm in "Infinite Challenge" and "She was pretty." It seems that some people are kind of surprised at it.
Siwon: Well, I was an unlikeable character. I know it too, haha. My image was pretty set and I tried to escape that image because I wanted to play a variety of roles as an actor. And as you know, there are so many funny guys among the Super Junior members. I've been getting along with them for 10 years, and now I'm good at doing funny things too. I think the humorous character is similar to my real life personality.

Q. But you should enlist in the army when you're at the peak of popularity.
Siwon: I'm just thankful for love and interest from many people. During my military service, I will prepare for my 30s. I feel very responsible now. I received much love from people and I think I have to try harder to have a good influence to the society.

Q. Have you ever thought of being in your 30s?
Siwon: In my 30s, I will challenge harder for the things I've always wanted to do. I can't always succeed, but I will never afraid of failure. I want to be the one who tries really hard and gives comfort to people.

Q. Looking back to 2015, how do you feel? Didn't you experience any hardships?
Siwon: What made me distressed was the Super Junior members' jealousy and envy. No, it's a joke, haha. Every year, I note down things I’m thankful for. In 2014, I noted down 33 things. But this year, I noted down 68 things even though the year hasn't ended yet. In early 2015, I could have a good relationship with Hollywood stars when I was promoting my films, and I could meet with my fans when Super Junior's special album was released in summer. And I've successfully finished our concert too. It is so thankful.

Q. You've been active overseas as an actor. And as you bought the copyright on the webtoon "Interview," people expect that you will be active as a film producer too. What do you want to achieve through your activities overseas?
Siwon: When I had auditions in foreign countries, I was always limited to playing small, stereotypical roles. As you know, there are so many great actors in Korea, and I want to show the world that Asians can do it. Two films are now on the drawing boards, and I will passionately work on the films.

Q. Was it your childhood dream to become an actor?
Siwon: Actually, I didn't have a childhood dream to become a singer or an actor. I used to think that I have to study and become a company employee. However, after making a contract with SM Entertainment and meeting Lee Soo Man, I became a man who has a clear vision. I think Lee Soo Man provided me with the right way forward because all the things happened just as he said.

Q. Tell me about the future of Super Junior.
Siwon: I think we will be able to be active for at least 10 years from now. And I think people like us because there is a touch of humanity about us. I want to get more chances to speak with our fans face to face.

Q. Have you heard from Eunhyuk and Donghae since they joined the army?
Siwon: I couldn't hear from Eunhyuk. I've heard nothing from him since he joined the army. But Donghae called me, and I received a letter from him too. He congratulated me for the success of my drama.

Q. What will you do till your enlistment?
Siwon: I have schedules till two days before my enlistment. Thankfully, a few brands chose me as a model for them even though I have to enlist soon. And I'd like to spend the last day with my family.

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