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Which Kpop girl group do you think is the most popular among Korean soldiers?

Korean adult males have to enter the army to serve a mandatory 2 year service. The soldiers are controlled by strict discipline and have to spend 2 years at a military camp full of males except for their leave of absence. That's why soldiers go crazy when a girl group shows a sexy performance in front of them as you can see in the video above.

Well, and as you know, most of girl group fans are males, and they form the bedrock of girl groups' support, which means girl groups' popularity at a military camp is symbolic of how much they are loved by male fans. Then who do you think is the most popular kpop girl group among Korean soldiers these days? The Korean Army conducted a survey of 1,500 soldiers. Let's check out the result of the survey.

So, do you agree with the result of the survey? Some of you might be surprised by the result. However, it seems apparent that AOA is gaining great popularity among Korean soldiers these days.

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