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What Ailee gonna prove through her first full album

Ailee is coming back. The kpop diva will release her first full album 'VIVID' on September 30. The album will have a total of 10 tracks, while Ailee is working really hard on the album. Well, it already has been 3 years since she debuted in 2012, but her first ever full album has a special meaning to her. According to her agency, she is so motivated about her comeback even though she broke her toe when she filmed music video for her upcoming title song on September 7. She's preparing for various versions of stage performance because she might not be able to get well until her comeback. Are you looking forward to the diva's comeback? Here are 3 things that Ailee is going to prove through her first full album.

1. Incomparable live performance ability
Since I began my career as an entertainment journalist in Korean in 2010, I've watched a variety of performance of kpop singers. And I'm sure that Ailee is the one who shows the best quality live performance among all the female kpop singers. She has a rich voice, while her technique as a vocalist is perfect too. The more amazing fact is that she dances better than most of kpop female idols. There are so many kpop female idols who are active in the world of kpop now, but it is expected that Ailee will show what a "real singer" is through her first full album and live performance on the stage.

2. Merchantable quality of solo female singer
Solo female singers are slowly disappearing from the world of kpop. There are so many girl groups but there are a few female solo singers who are active in the kpop scene. That's what's happening in kpop industry. Yeah, of course, there are exceptions such as IU and Hyuna, but it's a kind of irreversible trend that solo female singers' disappearance from kpop world. People in the kpop industry say that solo female singers are not of merchantable quality any more. As there is good money in making sexy girl groups perform at various big and small events, many of record producers are focusing on girl groups' albums. In this situation, the sexy and attractive diva Ailee is considered as about the only female solo singer who has commercial competitiveness now.

3. Ability to become a long-running kpop singer
The competition in the world of kpop is getting higher. Countless idols debuted, but only a very small minority of them gain popularity. And very few of the popular idols can become long-running kpop stars. If an idol is attractive enough and gets enough support from his/her agency, the idol can win popularity. However, it's like standing on sand, not knowing when the popularity will fade. To become a long-running kpop star, excellent ability as a singer is essential. Yeah, real ability will win in the end. That's why Ailee, who has outstanding ability as a competitive singer, is expected to be able to become a long-running kpop star. According to her agency, Aillee's upcoming album has vivid tracks which show her direction as a musician.

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