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Top 20 Kpop Boy & Girl Groups' Albums with Biggest First Week Sales in 2015

Who do you think is the most popular kpop group? Even though there has been a "Sajaegi" issue, album sales can be one of the yardsticks for kpop idol's popularity. So, here's top 20 kpop boy & girl groups' albums with biggest first week sales in 2015.(As of Spetember 23, 2015) Check out who are the most popular kpop idol groups these days.

Top 20 Kpop Boy Groups' Albums with Biggest First Week Sales in 2015(as of September 23, 2015)

1. EXO - EXODUS 267,000 copies
2. EXO - LOVE ME RIGHT 194,000 copies
3. SHINee - Married to The Music 69,000 copies
4. SHINee - Odd 67,000 copies
5. INFINITE Reality 64,000 copies
6. BEAST Ordinary 56,000 copies
7. Bangtan Boys(BTS) - The Most Beautiful Moment in Life 55,000 copies
8. Super Junior DEVIL 54,000 copies
9. Super Junior D&E The Beat Goes On 52,000 copies
10. BIGBANG M 52,000 copies
11. Teen Top Natural Born Teen Top 46,000 copies
12. Jung Yong Hwa One Fine Day 40,000 copies
13. Shinhwa WE 38,000 copies
14. VIXX LR Beautiful Liar 37,000 copies
15. VIXX Boys’ Record 36,000 copies
16. Kim Sungkyu – 27 31,000 copies
17. GOT7 Just Right 30,000 copies
18. BIGBANG A 30,000 copies
19. BIGBANG E 30,000 copies
20. Jonghyun BASE 30,000 copies
Top 20 Kpop Girl Groups' Albums with Biggest First Week Sales in 2015(as of September 23, 2015)

1. Girls’ Generation Lion Heart 41,600 copies
2. Girls’ Generation Party 32,700 copies
3. Apink Pink Memory 32,400 copies
4. Red Velvet The Red 22,000 copies
5. Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake 17,100 copies
6. AOA Heart Attack 17,000 copies
7. T-ara So Good 14,100 copies
8. Girl’s Day LOVE 12,200 copies
9. 4minute Crazy 7,800 copies
10. SISTAR SHAKE IT 6,400 copies
11. Wonder Girls REBOOT 5,200 copies
12. EXID AH YEAH 3,300 copies
13. KARA In Love 2,700 copies
14. Lovelyz Hi 2,400 copies
15. Miss A Colors 2,300 copies
16. 9muses DRAMA 2,000 copies
17. Crayon Pop FM 1,500 copies
18. 9muses S/S EDITION 1,400 copies
19. DAVICHI HUG 1,400 copies
20. GFriend Flower Bud 1,200 copies

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