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The Reason Why All the Kpop Rookie Groups try to Comment about GFriend and iKON

So many new kpop idol groups are recently debuted, and so many other groups will be for years to come. By the way, it's weird that many of rookie groups(their agencies, to be exact) try to comment about GFriend and iKON, who are on a roll in the world of kpop.

Like I mentioned before, GFriend's success was quite unexpected because the girl group's agency is small. The agency doesn't have enormous financial firepower at all, while the members don't look special compared to other new idols. Yeah, GFriend is not Red Velvet and its agency is not SM either. That's why many of small kpop agencies and their rookie idol groups regard GFriend as an easy opponent. An official from a kpop agency told me, "We have a new girl group and GFriend is our biggest rival. We think we will be able to catch up with the girl group soon." It seems that GFriend became a public enemy among people in small kpop agencies. 

Well, however, it's never easy to achieve as great success as GFriend in the world of kpop. It is not for nothing GFriend became so popular. GFriend caught eyes of people by highlighting its innocent but energetic concept and caught ears of people by singing cheerful and familiar songs. It was a success of its agency's strategy. The agency could achieve a maximum of efficiency at a minimum of money because its idea about GFriend was very fresh.

Before kpop rookie girl group DIA released its debut album, its agency issued a press release to inform that DIA's comeback is pushed back a day. By the way, the agency explained about it in this way. "DIA's comeback is pushed back a day and the girl group's debut album will be released on September 15. On the day, YG's iKON will release its warm-up single too. We expect that DIA and iKON will compete as friendly rivals."

When I read the press release, I could not help laughing because YG and iKON don't think of DIA as a rival at all. Well, iKON is the best rookie of the year and its agency is one of the biggest kpop agencies in Korea. iKON topped 'Music Core' and 'Inkigayo' even before making an official debut in the chart shows. What DIA and its agency want is just to get mentioned together with iKON. In this way, they tried to make people think that DIA is as competent idol group as iKON. Apart from DIA, there are not a few idol groups and their agencies who comment about iKON for the same purpose.

However, that is an old way of promotion and that's why Kim Kwang Soo, the executive of DIA's agency no longer has any real influence over the world of kpop. Kpop fans are smart and none of them will think of DIA as iKON's rival.


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