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The Reason for JYP's Craze for Bands

JYP Entertainment's rookie DAY6 is going to debut on September 7. The group is comprised of 6 members, Sung Jin, Jae, Young K, Jun Hyeok, Won Pil, and Do Woon, while teaser video of the group's upcoming title song 'Congratulations' was released on September 2.

By the way, it is very notable that the group is not a dance group. The group is a band, and each member will not only sing but also play an instrument. And as you know, JYP's Wonder Girls has already transformed into a four-member band.(Wonder Girls say it's so happy to make a comeback at the same time as Girls' Generation and Big BangSo, what do you think is the reason for JYP's craze for bands?

Actually, doesn't matter if JYP's groups are bands or not. The thing that counts is what the members can do by playing instruments. According to JYP, the DAY6 members took part in writing songs to be included in their debut album. And yes, the Wonder Girls members wrote songs that were included their album too. In this way, they can differentiate themselves from the other kpop agencies' idols. You know, JYP's position as one of the big 3 kpop agencies is now under threat, and it needs a constant change.(FNC vs. JYP vs. Cube: Which one is Big 3 Kpop Agency?)

Do I think DAY6 will be able to achieve a great success? I'm not sure. Nothing can be predicted with absolute certainty in the world of kpop. However, it's clear that JYP is desperate for its rookie group's success. Its another new group GOT7 made a debut in 2014 and has been active in kpop scene, but the group was less successful than expected, while SM's EXO has already become a top star and YG's iKON is gaining great popularity even though the group didn't made a official debut yet.


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