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Sandara Park, Bomi, Jinyoung and more talk about their acting challenge

On September 24, a production presentation for 4 web dramas,  'Missing Korea', 'Flatterer', 'Love Detective Sherlock K' and '9 Seconds'. And in the capacity of leading actors of the dramas, 2NE1's Sandara Park, FT Island's Lee Jaejin, Apink's Bomi, B1A4's Jinyoung, and BESTie's Haeryung attended the event and met reporters. Let's see what they talked about their acting challenge.

Sandara Park - Missing Korea
It's my third web drama but there’s a lot I still have to learn. Web drama is short but I love to play various kinds of characters in web dramas. I know my acting is not perfect yet. I'll do my best. As I has to use North Korean language in 'Missing Korea', I practiced a lot. My character, Lee Young Jin, is from the town of Gaesung, and I heard that Gaesung accent is very charming. I try to speak charmingly but stiffly because she is a soldier.

Lee Jaejin - Flatterer
Actually, this is not my first acting challenge. I appeared in a drama in 2007, but I've focused on my music career since then. Frankly speaking, I have an urge to be active as an actor. That's why I've practiced acting quite a while. I don't care what people think of idol's acting challenge. When I have the opportunity to do something, I should do it. Through 'Flatterer', I learned that I have to try to flatter my superiors, haha.

Bomi - Love Detective Sherlock K
As this is my first ever acting challenge, I've been worried about the drama. However, I really hoped to act and I'll try to show you a good performance as an actress. My chracter is a celebrity who is provocative, lying, and feisty. She has multiple personalities. I have a totally different personality from the character, but it's interesting to play the character. The Apink members always support me.

Jinyoung - Love Detective Sherlock K
I think it's natural that people have very unfavorable opinions about idol's acting challenge. I'll try hard and show a good performance to the viewers. I'll do my best.

Haeryung - 9 Seconds
I think there's a lot of difference between singing and acting. As an actress, I have to be absorbed in my character earnestly. My acting is lacking, but I'll try to understand about my character. Please excuse me if my acting is lacking.


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