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Wonder Girls say it's so happy to make a comeback at the same time as Girls' Generation and Big Bang

Wonder Girls are back! Wonder Girls released its 3rd full album 'REBOOT' on August 3, while it has been 3 years and 2 months since the girl group released 'Like This' in 2012. I'm sure there are so many fans who have been looking forward to the legendary kpop girl group's comeback.

After releasing its brand new album, Wonder Girls held a comeback showcase in Seoul and talked about the album. Well, the members looked so happy and excited.

"Before introducing the Wonder Girls members' comments, I want to mention about the quality of the album. The album, which has a total of 12 songs including the title track 'I feel you' is really awesome. The album is based on retro music of the 80s, while the members took part in writing all the tracks except for 'I feel you' which is written by Park Jing Young. Some said that there will be a gaping hole in Wonder Girls' music after Sunye and Sohee left the team, but I don't think so. Wonder Girls shows a great musical growth through the album, and the members absolutely succeeded in filling Sunye and Sohee's void with their high quality own music."

Q. It has been 3 years and 2 months since you released 'Like This' in 2012. What delayed your comeback?
Yeeun: We decided to make a comeback as a band and we had to prepare more. Actually, we were planning to release our new album last winter, but it's delayed. I was worried much about it, but the songs are good for summer too, fortunately.

Q. What made you decide to make a comeback as a band?
Yeeun: At first, all the members learned musical instruments as a hobby. During our hiatus, Yubin learned drum and Hyerim learned acoustic guitar. And I was able to play key boards. Afterward, Sunmi learned bass, and we played our song 'Girlfriend' for fun. JYP staffs saw this and they suggested that we should perform in the public.

Q. Wasn't it hard to practice musical instruments?
Yeeun: It was really hard to maintain tempo and stay in pace. The members ran out of the practice room when our work went badly. We tried to support each other.
Sunmi: It was like hitting against the wall. I felt I was spinning my wheels with my bass and I cried a lot.

Q. Aren't you pressured about making a comeback as a band?
Sunmi: At first, I had a fear for it. However, we included our own stories and emotions in all the tracks for the first time since we debuted, and it helped me put up with the fear. I think we could grow up as musicians. We worked harder on this album than on any other, and I'm filled with emotions now.

Q. What does the album mean to you?
Yeeun: We've thought a lot about the title of our new album. Sumni came back as our team mate and all the members took part a lot in making the songs. We think the album will be a complete new start for us.

Q. There has been a rumor that Wonder Girls will be disbanded.
Yubin: We've been always living together and keeping in touch with Sunye and Sohee. So we've never thought about the rumor seriously.
Yeeun: Yeah, we've been always keeping in touch with Sunye and Sohee. They said they're so nervous about our comeback and they'll support us.

Q. Some say your swimsuits are too provocative.
Yeeun: I think I became open about how I dress after I've been to the United States. Our stylist said it's a swimsuit of the 80s and all the members were satisfied with it.

Q. You made a comeback at the same time as Girls' Generation and Big Bang, kpop idol groups who debuted around the same time as you. How do you feel?
Yeeun: It's so happy to make a comeback at the same time as them. It's a good thing because we became a senior girl group now and there are so many young idol groups.

Q. It's notable that your album is based on retro music of the 80s.
Sunmi: As we didn't live in that age, music of the 80s sounds really fresh to us. We wanted to reinterpret the music.
Yeeun: We listened to music of the 80s a lot. We listened to Expose, The Cover Girls, Judy Toress, Bangles, and more.

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