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Good and Bad Points of 2015 Infinite Challenge Festival Songs and their Grades

HwangTaeJi (Kwanghee X Taeyang X G-Dragon) - Mapsosa
Good: Since his debut in 2010, Kwanghee has been active in various TV shows and has been loved by many for his cheerful and energetic energy. However, he couldn't show his musical talent as a singer on stage. His part as a member of ZE:A was small and pedestrian, while all the people regarded him just as a rollicker, not a competent singer. It was surprising that Kwanghee showed a charismatic performance with two of the most competent kpop singers, GD and Taeyang.
Bad: It is commonly acknowledged that GD is the most talented young singer songwriter in Korea. He has produced numerous hit songs. Recently, he likes to mix different music genres in one song as you can see in Big Bang's hits such as 'BAE BAE' and 'BANG BANG BANG'. In this way, he makes music that is not only popular but also very musical. However, this time it was too much. I can't say 'Mapsosa' is one of his best works. It seems that he was running short of time.
Grade: ★★★☆☆

Five Emperors ( Jung Hyung Don X Hyukoh ) - Wonderful Barn
Good: As you know, Jung Hyung Don is a famous comedian. He made his television debut on KBS Gag Concert in 2002 and has appeared on a variety of TV shows. However, after forming a hip hop duo with rapper Defconn in 2012, he started to show off his talent for music. Actually, I've always admired his talent for music. He showed great performance this time too. He sang the country music perfectly like a seasoned singer.
Bad: After appearing on Infinite Challenge, Hyukoh was catapulted to fame in Korea. The band does unique and characterful music, while their music is not limited to just one genre. The country music was exciting, but it stifled Hyukoh's individuality a little bit.
Grade: ★★★☆☆

Dancing Genome (Yoo Jae Suk X Park Jin Young) - I'm So Sexy
Good: Did you see Yoo Jae Suk dancing on stage? He did a great job! He likes to dance, but it was never easy to show off the complex choreography on stage with the great dancer Park Jin Young. I'm sure he has put enormous effort into the performance.
Bad: 2 years ago, Yoo Jae Suk made a team with Yoo Hee Yeol, and he had to sang a R&B song even though he really wanted to dance enthusiastically on stage. This time, Park Jin Young made a exciting dance music and made Yoo Jae Suk dance as much as he likes. However, just like GD, JYP couldn't show his peak performance as a great singer songwriter.
Grade: ★★★☆☆

Sangjuna (Yoon Sang X Jung Jun Ha) - My Life(Feat. Hyolyn of Sistar)
Good: It was impressive that Jung Jun Ha tried hip hop and rap. Just like the lyrics of the song, it was a new challenger for him. It was not a top-class performance, but everybody knows how much work he put into his performance.
Bad: Some of you may not know about Yoon Sang. But he is a musician of established reputation. Since his debut in 1991, he has tried various music genres and showed off his outstanding musicality. However, it seems that he felt obligated to make a song with a great popular appeal this time. The song is disordered, while Hyolyn's appearance was not that impressive either.
Grade: ★★☆☆☆

Eutteugeottasi (Haha X Zion.T) - Sponsor
Good: Only a few years ago, nobody knew about Zino.T. However, he achieved great popularity by showing off his unique voice and music and now became one of the most popular kpop singers. I'm sure many were fascinated by Zion.T's characterful song 'Sponsor'. The song is trendy and refined.
Bad: As Haha has been appearing on so many TV shows, some of you may think of him as a comedian. However, he debuted as a singer and rapper in 2001 with boy band, Jikiri and has been active as a singer too. He is the Infinite Challenge member who has undeniable musical talent. 'Sponsor' is a good song, but it doesn't seem right to Haha. Zion.T's forceful character drowned Haha out.
Grade: ★★★☆☆

Iu God G Aneun Iu(Park Myung Soo X IU) - Leon
Good: Some of kpop fans may regard IU just as cute and pretty female singer. However, she is a great musician and knows exactly how to make good music. 'Leon' is the best song of 2015 Infinite Challenge Music Festival. The high quality song is not only sophisticated but also catchy. IU, who is also a great vocalist, sang the song perfectly with her attractive voice.
Bad: Park Myung Soo, who is one of the most popular Korean comedians, has a passionate interest in music, as is well known. He did his bit this time too. But he couldn't show fine performance on stage. It seems that it was due to his lack of practice.
Grade: ★★★★☆


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