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Apink Chorong's Message to Fans (For those who couldn't go to Apink's concert)

These days, everything makes me wonder because I even couldn't think about my life in Seoul city when I was a high school student. I lived in the countryside of Korea. I didn't even dare to imagine that I can be loved by so many people. I think I'm blessed.

I'm very thankful to live each day with great fans and great members. I'm so curious about our future. And I want to keep on having a special bonds with my fans. It's just the beginning for us, right?

We'll try our best in return for your love. I know you undergo all sorts of hardships. We usually take a good rest in a waiting room, but you just wait several hours under the hot sun. The only thing we can do is provide soft drinks and say "Thank you." I'm sorry for that. I thank you for what you did for us, and we'll try not to disappoint you. Thank you, and I love you all.

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