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What Girls' Generation actually talked about Jessica

On July 7, Girls' Generation held "Girls' Generation PARTY @ BANYAN TREE CLUB & SPA SEOUL" to celebrate its releasing new single 'Party'. The girl group showed great performance, and many of you watched it because the party was broadcast live on NAVER STARCAST.

By the way, before going on the stage, the Girls' Generation members held a press conference and talked about their new album. And, yeah, of course, Jessica was the hottest topic of the press conference because 'Party' is Girls' Generation's first ever Korean single since the former member left the team last year. So, let's see what the Girls' Generation members actually talked about Jessica.

The press conference was in a very friendly atmosphere. Girls' Generation looked so excited about its new album. Seohyun said "We've been waiting for our comeback so long. I always wanted to make a comeback in summer, and I'm so excited now," while Tiffany stated, "It is our first summer album since we released 'Genie' in 2009. We'll show more cheerful and energetic performance. As the song is 'Party', it feels like we're having a party."

Journalists threw questions to Girls' Generation one by one. A female journalist raised her hand after Girls' Generation made statement about their appearance on 'Running Man'. However, the journalist's microphone didn't work and the sweet and kind members asked her if she wants them to pass their microphone. But when the journalist said "It's ok," and began her question with the word "Jessica," the members said with one mouth, "Oh, it's ok then. Please leave the microphone off."(They didn't speak with serious face. It was a joke)

Taeyeon, leader of the team, picked up the microphone. She said "We didn't want to disappoint our fans. So, we've united as one. We have stronger family bond now. We've been hard at work on our new songs. As we wanted to show better performance, we decided to release 3 title songs."

After then, the Girls' Generation members talked about their new album, upcoming reality show, and plan for releasing their own songs. However, at the end of the press conference, another journalist raised her hand. She wanted Girls' Generation to give more specific comments about Jessica.

Taeyeon picked up the microphone again. And she said "When we do our choreography, it's more easy if we have an odd number of members. As we have 8 members now, 2 of 8 members have to be at the center of the formation, and.." At that instant, Yuri cut in, saying, "Do we even have to talk about that kind of technical details? Haha." And she added, "We've been trained for a long time. We dance well, and we sing better than you think. We usually sing for about 3 minutes, and it was hard to stand out among so many members. As We have fewer members now, I think we have more time to show each member's charm." (It was a little dangerous comment because it could sound like Yuri is so delighted about Jessica's leave. I think it was Yuri's expression of confidence)

At the press conference, a journalist also asked the Girls' Generation members if their date with their boyfriends had a effect on the new album. As you know, many of the members have their boyfriends now. To the question, all the members were hesitant to give an answer. The good-natured maknae Seohyun picked up her microphone, but she had nothing to say. She provoked laughter from journalists, saying, "Do I have to give an answer to this question? Me?" Taeyeon, who is dating EXO's Baekhyun, eventually gave her answer to the question. She stated, "No, it didn't have any effect on the album. We just worked very hard to release new songs."

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