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The reason why kpop industry officials feel sympathy toward sexy girl group Stellar

In 2014, Stellar generated a lot of buzz when the girl group released its song “Marionette” because the members’ costumes and choreography were too sexy. Some even strongly condemned the girl group, saying the members’ dance moves remind people of sexual acts. Well, it’s true their costumes and dance moves were a little too much. However, many people in the k-pop industry say they feel sympathy toward the sexy girl group. Do you know why?

Stellar debuted in 2011 but there was very few who knew about the girl group. During their years as an unknown, the members experienced their share of grief. Actually, before becoming well-known, k-pop idols can't do what they want. Unless they belong to a big agency, they can't eat well and dress well because of money matters. Stellar's agency is not big, and the members had to bear hardships.

The problem is that the opportunities are not infinite. It costs a fabulous sum to produce a k-pop idol group. And idol groups of small agencies should be disbanded if they can't become popular till their agencies run out of money. There are dozens of k-pop idol groups and agencies who experience this kind of tragedy in a year.

So, Stellar and its agency, who had limited opportunities to become successful, had to do something to survive in the k-pop world. And yeah, releasing a very sexy song was a struggle to survive. That’s why people in the k-pop industry, who knows well about the reality of k-pop idols and agencies feel sympathy toward Stellar. The funny thing is people who blamed Stellar when “Marionette” was released didn’t even care about the girl group when the girl group released lovely and cute songs. After debuting, Stellar released lovely and cute songs too, but no one was interested. What do you think it means? Yeah, Stellar had no choice but to release sexy songs to survive in the k-pop world.

When Stellar made a comeback with another sexy song “Vibrato” in 2015, I met Gayoung and asked how she thinks about the girl group’s sexy conception. She said, “People say we're sexy, and I’m sure it's a compliment to women. And I know some people say it’s too much, but I think it’s just because we are the first k-pop girl group who showed such a sexy performance. Even though majority of our fans are males, I hope female fans will like us too.”

She was very confident about what she was doing, but it saddened my heart because she looked desperate to survive.

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